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Energy Autonomy

HelioPower Sense Energy Monitor

Sense Energy Monitor We’ve talked about the benefits of various energy saving solutions. However, there is one important fact you need to remember—becoming energy efficient is more than just automating your home with upgrades. Real energy management requires an energy monitoring system. By knowing how much energy your home is using and when it’s using…

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6 Tips to help you stay cool without increasing your electricity bill!

Summer Energy Usage for 2018 Many people think that energy use is higher in winter. But, energy use in the summer is actually similar, or in many locations in the Western US, more than winter energy usage. Last summer, the National Weather Service predicted higher-than-average temperatures in North America with 2018 promising much of the same.…

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Do you have a solar ready home?

Is your home solar ready? So, you’ve made the decision to go solar. Great! You’re on your way to lowering your  utility bills and improving the environment. Many homeowners are considering putting panels on their home since the cost of solar has decreased and solar technology has become more efficient. But, before you can start…

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How will the summer affect your solar panel efficiency?

Summer Solar Performance It’s never too early to celebrate the fact that summer is on the way. Whether it’s an island vacation or the long break from school, or whether the summer could be good for your health. Everyone has something to look forward to, especially for solar system owners. As we kick back to enjoy…

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HelioPower and Kohler form Strategic Alliance for backup generators

HelioPower is now a Kohler Dealer HelioPower, Inc. is pleased to announce a new strategic alliance with Kohler Power Systems to provide backup generators for HelioPower clients. Through this affiliation, HelioPower will be expanding their whole-house energy approach to include offering installation and support for Kohler Generators.   HelioPower is proud to be a part of Kohler’s prestigious dealer network. As part of its…

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Increase Solar Generation with SolarEdge

Have an Old Solar Inverter? Increase Solar Generation by upgrading to SolarEdge! Many early adopters installed solar panels back when the technology was in its infancy. Back then, the only option was to use what’s called a ‘string inverter’ and, at the time, they were the best thing going. Now, we have a great way…

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Top 5 Energy Efficient Products that will Reduce Your Energy Costs

Energy efficient products that will save you money Are you looking to save money every month? Your family’s utility bill is a good place to start. Utility bills are going through the roof these days, especially when we all have more devices and utilities that use more electricity. That said, the physical characteristics of specific…

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