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Energy Consulting

HelioPower Sense Energy Monitor

Sense Energy Monitor We’ve talked about the benefits of various energy saving solutions. However, there is one important fact you need to remember—becoming energy efficient is more than just automating your home with upgrades. Real energy management requires an energy monitoring system. By knowing how much energy your home is using and when it’s using…

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How to Leverage Energy Analytics at Wastewater Treatment Plants

Energy Analytics at Wastewater Treatment Plants Moving and processing water in the state of California is energy intensive. Some estimates place energy consumption associated with moving and processing water near 30% of all electrical energy consumption within the state.   The cost of this energy, especially at wastewater treatment plants, is a large part of total…

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Sell Your Solar Project

The new tax code creates strong incentives to sell operating solar projects The new Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 has created a new opportunity to sell your solar project for cash.  Helio Micro Utility is acquiring operational solar projects and portfolios.   You receive all benefits of solar energy without the ownership headaches.  And, you…

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Solar Tax Cut

The new Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 amounts to a generous solar tax cut, and dramatically improves the market and economics for commercial-scale project developers, EPCs, customers, and many financiers. Indeed, the tax incentives are so compelling that I’ll just refer to it here as the Solar Tax Cut.  But change can hurt,…

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Top 5 Energy Efficient Products that will Reduce Your Energy Costs

Energy efficient products that will save you money Are you looking to save money every month? Your family’s utility bill is a good place to start. Utility bills are going through the roof these days, especially when we all have more devices and utilities that use more electricity. That said, the physical characteristics of specific…

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7 energy saving tips that will save you money

7 Energy Saving Tips You Should Remember Electricity is a utility that we tend to take for granted. Although there are a lot of places around the world that don’t have good electrical infrastructures, in the US, we should consider ourselves lucky. However, electricity can be expensive. In 2015, the average U.S household consumed 901…

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What happens when the grid goes down?

Solar Battery Backup vs Generator Backup It makes economical and environmental sense to tie your solar power system to the electrical grid. But trying to figure out if battery or a generator based energy backup system will work best with your solar installation can be confusing. Fossil fuel generators and solar battery backup systems supply electricity…

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Energy Analytics Explained: What is PredictEnergy®?

Energy Analytics Approach Most people think that energy information, such as your current power draw or how much energy you use, is all there is to energy analytics. Not quite…   Useful energy analytics combine energy data with non-energy context information  (such as costs, production metrics, tariff, date and time, weather, etc) to provide you with…

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Solar Tax Lease

Commercial Solar Lease – affordable ITC-subsidized financing for smaller solar projects

Commercial Solar Lease uses the Investment Tax Credit to reduce financing costs Helio Micro Utility, the leading independent energy advisory serving solar developers, EPCs and electrical contractors, is unveiling a ITC-friendly commercial solar lease – a simple operating lease that uses tax benefits to reduce payments.  Finally – Commecial Solar Lease makes small solar affordable Our…

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How Solar Originators Rely On Us To Install What They Sell

Solar Originators Rely on HelioPower To Install What They Sell Solar Originators rely on HelioPower, due to their reputation for high quality installations and customer service. Back in 2001, HelioPower began building its reputation for high quality installation and customer service. As we grew, HelioPower became a ‘Horizontally Integrated’ energy company with services beyond engineering…

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Shared Solar Problems…Solved!

Shared Solar Problems – Solutions Are Coming In July Aaron Clay of SunSwarm and I presented on shared solar problems and paths forward as part of the American Solar Energy Society conference*.  Whether you call it community solar, shared solar or if you are pursuing Community Choice Aggregation, there are incremental challenges awaiting project developers at…

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How To Use PredictEnergy To Help Your Business Lower Demand Charges

Demand Charges and Complicated Pricing Structures are Costing Your Business Money – PredictEnergy® to the rescue! The two principal components of your energy bill are probably your energy usage and your demand charges. Demand charges can comprise 50% or more of the charges on your bill. Depending on your usage patterns, you may actually be…

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Top 3 Reasons Why Solar Feasibility Study Saves Time and Creates Value

Solar Feasibility Study Saves Time and Creates Value Every day I speak with hard working commercial solar installers and developers who think they need project financing.  They’ve invested weeks of effort prospecting, qualifying, designing, engineering, presenting, proposing, negotiating… and they “just need financing” to seal the deal.  Problem is, they’ve often negotiated a deal that…

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