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215.7kW Solar Power System for SkyRose Ranch

Solar Power System for SkyRose Ranch SAN MIGUEL, Calif.—June 29, 2017—HelioPower announces the successful completion of a 215.7 kiloWatt (kW) DC commercial photovoltaic system at the Southern California facility of SkyRose Ranch.  The 215.7kW system is augmented with PredictEnergyTM commercial energy management software. The cloud-based software provides real-time energy data with cost analysis capabilities to…

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Solar Tax Lease

Commercial Solar Lease – affordable ITC-subsidized financing for smaller solar projects

Commercial Solar Lease uses the Investment Tax Credit to reduce financing costs Helio Micro Utility, the leading independent energy advisory serving solar developers, EPCs and electrical contractors, is unveiling a ITC-friendly commercial solar lease – a simple operating lease that uses tax benefits to reduce payments.  Finally – Commecial Solar Lease makes small solar affordable Our…

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Shared Solar Problems…Solved!

Shared Solar Problems – Solutions Are Coming In July Aaron Clay of SunSwarm and I presented on shared solar problems and paths forward as part of the American Solar Energy Society conference*.  Whether you call it community solar, shared solar or if you are pursuing Community Choice Aggregation, there are incremental challenges awaiting project developers at…

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Top 3 Reasons Why Solar Feasibility Study Saves Time and Creates Value

Solar Feasibility Study Saves Time and Creates Value Every day I speak with hard working commercial solar installers and developers who think they need project financing.  They’ve invested weeks of effort prospecting, qualifying, designing, engineering, presenting, proposing, negotiating… and they “just need financing” to seal the deal.  Problem is, they’ve often negotiated a deal that…

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Case Study: Solar Project Acquisition

Solar Project Acquisition for Developers and Investors Helio Micro Utility has 6MW of large C&I projects ready for NTP sale to qualified investors, and more in the pipeline.  Our solar project acquisition services benefit developers, EPCs and investors.   HELIO MU’S SUCCESSFUL SOLAR PROJECT ACQUISITION TRACK RECORD With plenty of similar projects developed and sold to investors…

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Solar Financing Guide

Going Solar is easy, paying for it is hard. So, Helio mU has crafted a Solar Financing Guide to narrow your options. Please click here to see the complete guide. The Decision to Go Solar is Easy… Click to see the full Solar Financing Guide Making the decision to go solar is relatively easy.  It usually it…

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Net Metering Batteries with Solar is OK in California

  Today the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) issued a Proposed Decision which clears the path for economically using battery backup in conjunction with solar and other forms of renewable energy generation.  This is good news for existing and prospective solar customers, and great news if you have uneven power usage or high demand charges. …

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California Energy Policy – A Window of Opportunity

California energy policy has never been more clear, favorable or stable.  Three policies in particular combine to create an attractive but short window of opportunity for Californian’s considering solar or other renewable energy projects.  Let’s consider Net Metering, Meter Aggregation and the Investment Tax Credit in turn. Net Metering Today the California PUC issued a…

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Net Metering with Solar

Net Metering Is a system in which solar panels or other renewable energy generators transfer surplus power onto the electricity grid, allowing customers to offset the cost of power drawn from the utility. Net Metering with Solar The charts below illustrate how Net Metering works with a solar PV.  When the sun’s shining the solar…

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Make it Rain: water & energy savings in these drought years

Free Seminar on New Paths to Water & Energy Savings & Independence Water is your #1 priority.  PG&E and SCE rates are rising at double digits, and you don’t know what to do next.  But you don’t have to be left high and dry by scarce water and high energy costs.  HelioPower, RainBird, Structured Finance Associates and Tulare County…

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Energy Intensity Analytics: How Solar Affects your Energy DNA

In this third Energy DNA blog post we explore Energy Intensity Analytics and how Energy Analytics can be used to optimize solar power or other forms of grid-tied renewable energy generation.  Recall that the colorful Energy DNA chart displays energy intensity by date (vertical axis) and time of day (horizontal axis). ENERGY ANALYTICS CASE STUDY 3:…

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