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HelioKids: Basics of Electricity and Matter

Understanding Basic Electricity In this month’s class, the kids learned basic electricity (basics of matter and electricity). They also, experimented connecting series and parallel circuits to understand the effects of each configuration. With this fundamental knowledge of electrical systems as a foundation, the HelioKids learned to perform calculations of voltage and current, seeing how lights…

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Heliokids: Introduction to Kinetic Energy

An Introduction to Kinetic Energy  It’s that time again! The HelioKids GATE workshop is back in session! If you’re not familiar with our HelioKids program, it is a sponsorship by HelioPower to teach kids the basics of energy, solar power, and electricity from industry experts. For an entire class period, one of our HelioPower representatives…

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HelioKids: Solar Energy Blender and End of the Year Party!

HelioKids: Solar Energy Blender During the 2016-17 school year, I had the pleasure of teaching an elementary school GATE program in Fallbrook, CA about solar energy.We covered some really cool topics like: how to make an electromagnetic train, how to make a solar cooker, how to make a solar water heater, and what is this…

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Photovoltaic Application: HelioKids Safari

Photovoltaic Application: HelioKids Safari I like kids. Kids are inquisitive, full of fun, and soak up knowledge any way they can. Since the beginning of the academic year I have been facilitating a GATE class at my boys’ school in Fallbrook, California. The goals for the class were to make leaning about energy fun and…

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