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How to Leverage Energy Analytics at Wastewater Treatment Plants

Energy Analytics at Wastewater Treatment Plants Moving and processing water in the state of California is energy intensive. Some estimates place energy consumption associated with moving and processing water near 30% of all electrical energy consumption within the state.   The cost of this energy, especially at wastewater treatment plants, is a large part of total…

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Approach to Water District Energy Demand Management

Water District Energy Demand Management In a contract awarded by the California Energy Commission (CEC), UC Davis’ Center for Water and Energy Efficiency will be running a project with Helio Energy solutions at the Moulton Niguel Water District to better understand how water utilities can become a key tool in helping California manage its roller…

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How do you reduce wastewater energy consumption?

Wastewater Energy Consumption in a Nutshell Water and energy resources are mutually linked. Satisfying water consumption requires energy and, often, in large quantities. For example, energy is needed for wastewater pumping, wastewater treatment, water distribution, water treatment, and discharge of wastewater. This is called water or wastewater energy consumption. For many municipal governments, drinking water and wastewater…

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Advanced uses of energy for wastewater treatment facilities

Wastewater Treatment Facilities Energy Program On March 28-29 in 2012, HelioPower participated in the Energy Roadmap Summit workshops in Raleigh, N.C. The Water Environment Federation (WEF). The summit brought together nearly 40 water and energy professionals with experience in designing, implementing, and operating energy projects at wastewater treatment The summit’s goal was to promote wastewater energy reduction…

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Solar Tax Lease

Commercial Solar Lease – affordable ITC-subsidized financing for smaller solar projects

Commercial Solar Lease uses the Investment Tax Credit to reduce financing costs Helio Micro Utility, the leading independent energy advisory serving solar developers, EPCs and electrical contractors, is unveiling a ITC-friendly commercial solar lease – a simple operating lease that uses tax benefits to reduce payments.  Finally – Commecial Solar Lease makes small solar affordable Our…

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Shared Solar Problems…Solved!

Shared Solar Problems – Solutions Are Coming In July Aaron Clay of SunSwarm and I presented on shared solar problems and paths forward as part of the American Solar Energy Society conference*.  Whether you call it community solar, shared solar or if you are pursuing Community Choice Aggregation, there are incremental challenges awaiting project developers at…

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Top 3 Reasons Why Solar Feasibility Study Saves Time and Creates Value

Solar Feasibility Study Saves Time and Creates Value Every day I speak with hard working commercial solar installers and developers who think they need project financing.  They’ve invested weeks of effort prospecting, qualifying, designing, engineering, presenting, proposing, negotiating… and they “just need financing” to seal the deal.  Problem is, they’ve often negotiated a deal that…

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Case Study: Solar Project Acquisition

Solar Project Acquisition for Developers and Investors Helio Micro Utility has 6MW of large C&I projects ready for NTP sale to qualified investors, and more in the pipeline.  Our solar project acquisition services benefit developers, EPCs and investors.   HELIO MU’S SUCCESSFUL SOLAR PROJECT ACQUISITION TRACK RECORD With plenty of similar projects developed and sold to investors…

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Solary Policy: Net Energy Metering Trends map

Solar Policy Review

2015 brought welcome solar policy news for solar developers, installers, financiers and electricity consumers – here’s what you need to know: US Solar Policy: ITC Extended Last December Republicans and Democrats negotiated an energy horse-trade which resulted in an extension of the 30% Investment Tax Credit. Republicans wanted an end to the 4-decade old ban on most US oil…

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An Introduction to WEF’s Energy Management Framework

Energy Management Framework Mo Rousso (Founder and COO, HelioPower) participated in the Water Environment Federation’s Energy Management Roadmap Summit workshops. The goal of the summit was to create a “road map” to help plants increase on-site energy production, reduce energy consumption and focus on overall energy management. Wastewater Energy Management As a result of our…

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Georgia Solar PPA

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Georgia Solar PPAs are now viable, thanks to the recently passed Solar Power Free-Market Financing Act (House Bill 57).  Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) are the most common vehicle for financing commercial solar installations. Solar PPA legalization in Georgia will make it much easier for solar project developers and EPCs to generate new business. GEORGIA SOLAR PPA…

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Solar Developer Project Pricing

Solar Project Developers and EPCs take note: this is a great year to sell your solar projects, and Helio Micro Utility can maximize your solar developer project pricing.  Helio mU is the developer’s partner in marketing solar projects to the investor community, providing tailored development and placement services to ensure the most fitting project investors compete for your projects.  Our…

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HelioPower Teams With Coronal Group and Panasonic Eco Solutions North America to Create Solar Water Funding Alliance

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] LOS ANGELES, CA, May 28, 2014 (Marketwired via COMTEX) — Panasonic Eco Solutions North America (Panasonic) and its strategic partner Coronal Group (Coronal) have teamed with HelioPower to create the Solar Water Funding Alliance, a multi-million dollar effort focused solely on developing, building, financing and managing solar PV installations for California’s water agencies. Recognizing…

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