Net Metering Batteries with Solar is OK in California

  Today the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) issued a Proposed Decision which clears the path for economically using battery backup in conjunction with solar and other forms of renewable energy generation.  This is good news for existing and prospective solar customers, and great news if you have uneven power usage or high demand charges. …

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California Energy Policy – A Window of Opportunity

California energy policy has never been more clear, favorable or stable.  Three policies in particular combine to create an attractive but short window of opportunity for Californian’s considering solar or other renewable energy projects.  Let’s consider Net Metering, Meter Aggregation and the Investment Tax Credit in turn. Net Metering Today the California PUC issued a…

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Net Metering with Solar

Net Metering Is a system in which solar panels or other renewable energy generators transfer surplus power onto the electricity grid, allowing customers to offset the cost of power drawn from the utility. Net Metering with Solar The charts below illustrate how Net Metering works with a solar PV.  When the sun’s shining the solar…

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Make it Rain: water & energy savings in these drought years

Free Seminar on New Paths to Water & Energy Savings & Independence Water is your #1 priority.  PG&E and SCE rates are rising at double digits, and you don’t know what to do next.  But you don’t have to be left high and dry by scarce water and high energy costs.  HelioPower, RainBird, Structured Finance Associates and Tulare County…

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Energy Intensity Analytics: How Solar Affects your Energy DNA

In this third Energy DNA blog post we explore Energy Intensity Analytics and how Energy Analytics can be used to optimize solar power or other forms of grid-tied renewable energy generation.  Recall that the colorful Energy DNA chart displays energy intensity by date (vertical axis) and time of day (horizontal axis). ENERGY ANALYTICS CASE STUDY 3:…

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California Drought affecting Hydroelectric Power Supplies; Electricity Rates Up

About 15% of California’s energy comes from hydroelectric power.  Or used to… as California’s historic drought progresses, skimpy snowpack above depleted reservoirs will lead to less hydroelectric power and higher electricity rates.  We’ll miss cheap Hydroelectric Power I met recently with managers at the Independent System Operator, which runs the California transmission grid.  They expect…

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Using Energy Analytics to reduce demand charges

In California, reduced hydro and nuclear energy supplies are driving up electricity rates.  Solar and other forms of distributed generation can help, but they cannot reliably reduce demand charges or the key driver: peak demand.  Energy storage technologies are promising but still expensive.  For most California businesses, Energy Analytics offers the most compelling means of reducing peak demand and energy expense. Properly…

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Departing CPUC Commissioner advocates for Solar and Net Metering

Mark J. Ferron announced that he will be stepping down from his role as a Commissioner at the California CPUC for personal health reasons.   His thoughtful and candid final statement is worthy reading for those concerned with California’s energy future.   I’ve extracted below the two excerpts best related to this blog, Solar and Net Metering: Support…

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Energy Analytics

Use Energy Analytics to reduce utility bills

Energy may be one of your businesses largest expenses, but it is an expense you can manage.   We encourage our clients to think of energy as a variable cost of goods sold rather than a fixed expense: your goal must be to reduce the energy cost of a unit of production.  You can achieve…

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