Complete Solar Solution from HelioPower

Engineered Quality at Every Stage of the Process

Complete Solar Solution

HelioPower’s best-in-class complete solar solution ensures we deliver quality energy projects on time, on budget, and generating the highest ROI.

In order to deliver a truly turnkey complete solar solution that we can guarantee for 10 years, HelioPower must flawlessly execute each step of the process. Learn more below about what goes into your complete solar solution. Our Services Include:

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Turnkey System Development

In order to deliver a 100% turnkey solar system that we can guarantee, HelioPower professionally executes each step of the process. Learn more below about what goes into your solar project below.

Beyond Building the System

As part our complete solar solution, we also:

  • Handle all rebate paperwork
  • Teach you how to operate and maintain your system
  • Troubleshoot, repair or replace parts should the need arise
  • Gladly answer questions about your system’s performance

Strong Warranties Backing Up Performance

  • HelioPower’s 10 year warranty of workmanship.
  • 20+ year production warranty by the solar panel manufacturer.
  • 10 year warranty by the inverter manufacturer.
  • 10 year warranty by the racking manufacturer.

System Design & Integration

HelioPower designers are certified in advanced photovoltaic (PV) solar technology. Depending on the size and complexity of the project, we use a range of computerized tools to assist us in our design and analysis. These tools include Solar Design Studio Pro and PVSyst.

Professional Installation

HelioPower installers are NABCEP certified. All crew leads are certified in advanced photovoltaic installation. Crew members undergo monthly training on products and installation techniques to ensure our customers receive the most value from their solar investment.

Maintenance, Troubleshooting & Repair

HelioPower’s reputation is built on smart design, outstanding components, and professional installation. We take pride in our work, and the job does not end with the installation of your commercial solar power system. Providing our customers with quality after-care has been vital to our success.

Solar Monitoring

solar monitoring for your homeEvery HelioPower complete solar solution comes with a real-time solar energy monitor. These are transmit solar performance data over the web. We can use this data to know:

  • 24/7 emergency alerts
  • When cleaning is needed
  • Irregularities warranting inspection
  • Performance output (often better than expected)

The Business Case For Solar Monitoring

Renewable energy is a great asset for any business. Like any other asset you want to know how it’s working and how much energy it’s producing. The monitoring system reports solar energy production and reports greenhouse gas emissions reductions with accurate, real-time data. Data is tracked anytime anywhere on the Web. A portal linked to the client’s website demonstrates environmental stewardship.

Financed Solar Solutions

Most of HelioPower’s 4,500+ solar customers have required some sort of financing. Most customers can select from an outright purchase, a loan, a solar lease, or a Power Purchase Agreement. The choice depends on the customer’s cash-flow objectives, credit rating, and system size.

Engineering Focused on Financial Impact

Engineering Focused On Financial Impace

The complete solar solution we present to you will be supported by custom engineering and a detailed financial analysis. This analysis is customized for your organization and will outline

  • Return on investment
  • Solar Rebates
  • 30% Federal tax credit, and
  • An accelerated depreciation schedule.

Engineering Focused on Financial Impact

A HelioPower solar energy expert will thoroughly review your electricity usage, future electrical needs, property considerations and financial goals. After calculating the rebates and incentives available in your area, we can then recommend the best solar financing support based on your unique objectives.

With a customer centric approach, our engineering/design and installation team members will optimize your solar power installation to create the maximum energy output, lowest risk, most advantageous solar financing structure to reap the highest return on investment and internal rate of returns.