Electricity Explained (For Kids)

Electricity Explained for HelioKids

electricity explained for HelioKids

What is Electricity and where does it come from? What are the different kinds of electricity? How do you describe and measure electricity? How is magnetism related to electricity?

These were questions asked during our presentation on Electricity Explained for 35 fourth and fifth graders of the GATE program at Maie Ellis Elementary School.

"Electricity explained" talks about how electricity is the most versatile energy source that we have and that it is also one of the newest. Electricity has obviously played a vital part of our history, but the story is not over yet.  Electricity will probably play a critical role in our future as homes and buildings generate and store their own power, using renewables and batteries, and help create a more sustainable future.

Please view our presentation below:

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Our HelioKids program is a sponsorship by Helio Energy Solutions to teach kids the basics of energy, solar power and electricity from industry experts. For an entire class period, one of our Helio Energy Solutions representatives talks about the basic concepts of electricity. The kids learn about terms such as static electricity, electricity current, magnetism, etc. This is just a small glimpse of our educational sponsorship, so please contact us today for more information!