Home Solar Battery Backup

The SonnenBatterie System.

Be prepared to declare your independence! HelioPower is now an authorized distributor for the SonnenBatterie energy supply system! This energy supply system is HelioPower’s solution to protect your home from outages and disasters. Provide you and your family peace of mind in the event of an unpredictable outage. The unique power detection system will detect the outage and will switch to the battery power.

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Secure Your Energy Independence

Get control over your energy costs and save on your monthly bill while making your planet a better place with clean, renewable energy.

SonnenBatterie is reliable.

Sonnen is an energy supply system that utilizes intelligent energy management software, that is easily adaptable to every individuals needs. It reduces your electric bill and optimizes your solar system to increase grid independence providing reliable standalone systems. It integrates with your solar panels, allowing your home to produce and store 100% of the energy it uses. It's a reliable alternative to other energy supply system solutions!

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HelioPower’s energy supply system will keep your solar panels collecting energy from the Sun while charging your battery bank and supporting your critical devices like computers, security systems and refrigerators. Once power is restored in days or even weeks, the battery system will automatically disconnect and the system will return to a typical grid connected solar PV system.

The energy battery system is managed throughout the day. When detected, the excess power is stored for use at night, providing benefits of solar energy 24 hours a day!

Become Part of the Energy Revolution.

We envision a cleaner, more resilient, more affordable and smarter use of energy that empowers individuals to enjoy and share the benefits of solar energy, day and night.

An additional and profitable benefit of an energy storage system is the ability to reduce expensive, peak time-of-use utility charges. While not available in all utilities, storage systems can reduce your electric bill by allowing you to draw power from your batteries during peak rate hours and then recharging when rates are lower or the sun is shining.

When you signup for a HelioPower solar system with an energy supply system, you are not only reassured of your energy security and independence, but also investing in a future where every home can participate in generating clean, renewable energy.

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