HmU Energy Finance Services

Helio mU Energy Finance Services

Helio Micro Utility provides clients with a complete suite of energy finance services: project modeling, project structuring, fund development, project placement and operational management. Our breadth of experience enables us to deliver the highest quality of energy finance services to our clients. We prize nimbleness and creativity built upon a foundation of knowing what works and what can work.  Our clients rely on us to provide them accurate data-driven results that include energy analytics, tax analysis, legal review, deal structuring, investment modeling, energy as-is and to-be analyses, and technology evaluations.

Technical Expertise Across the Energy Finance Service Sector

Our expertise is in commercial energy applications spanning all major energy technologies including solar, solar thermal, fuel cells, energy efficiency, and lighting retrofits.

We're here to help you

Helio mU provides energy finance services to a wide array of clients

  • Developers

    • Energy economic models
    • Project structuring
    • Development equity
    • Sourcing tax equity
    • Sourcing sponsor equity
    • Structuring projects such that developers can own and operate.
    • Complete document set (PPA, SLA, SNDA, EPC, AM, etc).
  • Investors

    • Project sourcing
    • Project structuring
    • Financial analyses
    • Project placement
    • Fund development
    • Complete document set
  • Owner-Operators and Third-Party Owners

    • Energy analytics to determine project trade-offs and viability
    • Energy analytics to determine financing best-fit
    • Energy project finance sourcing (PPAs, leases, loans)
    • Complete document set

Helio's energy finance services are an outgrowth of the work we did to develop, finance, construct and manage our own portfolio of projects. We understand the energy finance services landscape from the perspective of a developer, an investor, an EPC and an asset manager.

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