Energy Modeling & Economic Analysis

Energy Modeling & Economic Analysis

Energy modeling is the engineering, economics and finance work HmU does to establish the true value of an energy project.  Energy modeling and energy economic analysis begins with determining the actual energy production and the value of that energy at the time and location of production. A reliable energy forecast must take into account variations in technology, climate, maintenance, and end-use applications. At the same time, the monetary value of that energy can vary widely by time-of-use, capacity, utility company, tax issues, and contractual terms.

Energy Modeling Services:

  • Project Energy Modeling Creation & Validation
  • Energy Valuation & Utility Pricing Analysis
  • Energy Research & Analysis
  • Technology Consultancy

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Project Energy Modeling Creation & Validation

We will build an independent energy model to objectively assess the projected energy output of your project. Our models take into account the specific technology and design factors of a given project. We go beyond manufacturer’s datasheets and marketing collateral. Instead, we draw from primary research of production and maintenance cycles seen by real-world users of the technology at issue.

Energy Valuation & Utility Pricing Analysis

The value of energy varies widely based on the utility, customer-type, and prevailing rate plan. Our team has developed utility-specific models for hundreds of rate plans. In building energy valuation models, we are experts in juggling the complexities of demand-based pricing, time-of-use, and energy consumption tiered rate plans.

Energy Research & Analysis

Our work requires we stay abreast of emerging energy technologies, changing policy, utility pricing revisions, and the latest industry trends. Our research team can focus their efforts on the issues important to your strategic objectives. We synthesize complex data sets into concise polished presentations for our clients.

Technology Consultancy

We help define the best technology for a client’s needs. Past projects include: SWOT analysis; business cases over the lifetime of the power station; and assist our clients to judge, financially, the chosen technology.

About Our Expertise

Helio Micro Utility’s background in funding energy projects with internal capital taught us to become experts in energy modeling and accurate energy production and economic analyses. Many of our consultations draw on our experience with energy analytics. Energy analytics provides the data-driven foundation required to fully understand a client's energy intensity, or a developer's commercial opportunity. Helio also acquired Greenzu to expand our energy financial services and energy modeling capabilities with developers.

The Helio Micro Utility team now delivers an independent and impartial evaluation of renewable energy system production outputs for a variety of projects. We focus on applications of both traditional solar and new renewable energy technologies deployed in the commercial property setting.

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