Energy Project Finance Services

Energy Project Finance

Helio Micro Utility (HmU) provides energy project finance services to building owners, offtakers, manufacturers, third-party owners, investors, tax equity providers and project developers.  Renewable energy projects have a variety of innovative financing options, but each carries a unique set of interconnected legal, tax, property, insurance, and financial issues.

HmU helps navigate these complex waters with energy project finance services that cover a multitude of projects including solar PV, energy storage, solar thermal, fuel cells, lighting retrofits, and energy efficiency finance packages.

Energy Finance Services:

  • Project Finance
  • Project Siting
  • Enterprise and venture structuring
  • Energy Supply
  • Construction and equipment procurement
  • Management and Maintenance
  • Taxes and incentives
  • Carbon management

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Financing Services Include:

Project Finance
Negotiate and document placement of equity and debt; tax structuring.

Project Siting
Evaluate site feasibility. Draft and negotiate site leases and all related documentation. Advise clients about their options.

energy project finance from helio micro utility

Enterprise and venture structuring
Advise clients about their options; negotiate business partner relationships; prepare and maintain all appropriate documentation.

Energy Supply
Develop power purchase agreements (PPA) and solar lease alternatives such as commercial leases or non-profit financing. Negotiate interconnection arrangements, negotiate and perform due diligence on power purchase agreements.

Construction and equipment procurement
Negotiate and prepare EPC Agreements and other construction contracts. Reviewing contracts, insurance coverage, warranties, and other agreements to insure risk allocation complies with agreed terms. Draft acceptance criteria and oversee commissioning process to insure strict compliance.

Management and maintenance
Provide for long term project and facility integrity in compliance with all project documents.

About Our Expertise

The Helio Micro Utility team is experienced in developing both the legal and financial aspects of energy project finance.  Helio Energy Solutions is an owner-operator of more than 130 solar pv systems, and we are experts in solar project structuring, engineering, procurement, construction and operation. Our work involves deal structuring, tax compliance issues, power purchase negotiations, financing, taxes and construction contracting. We have deep familiarity with all the stakeholders in the solar value chain, the business models, the regulatory issues, and the various government incentives. We negotiate these intricacies, while maintaining a sharp focus on overall strategy and investor or owner returns.

Taxes and incentives
Arrange project structuring to maximize utilization of state and federal programs, including environmental attributes, federal investment tax credits, utility incentives, and accelerated depreciation allowance.

Carbon management
Perform facility greenhouse gas audits. Review applicable carbon credit regulations and advise on compliance strategies. Evaluate the cost and benefit of carbon emissions mitigation measures.