Energy Audit and Site Analysis

Energy Audit

HelioPower conducts a facility energy audit and feasibility analyses to determine your most cost-effective options for reducing energy consumption.  We frequently visit a site to verify equipment operating parameters during a due diligence review. We have an extensive library of state of the art portable monitoring and metering equipment. During a visit, we will interview personnel, monitor operating schedules, visually inspect equipment, and deploy sensors to measure environmental patterns.

Consult with an Energy Professional

HelioPower is there at every step to strengthen your energy decisions. You receive clear recommendations, energy analytics, and market intelligence for your company's needs.

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Facility Energy Audits

Our energy audits range from investment-grade ASHRAE Level III audits, to walk-through energy surveys, and benchmarking assessments. Audits typically reveal savings from 10-30% or more, depending on your current energy performance and financial requirements.

Facility Improvement Plans

Following the audit, we identify, quantify, and prioritize all viable energy savings opportunities for your facility and operational loads.  In assessing your options, we take into account your energy goals, schedule, budget, and internal & external requirements. Our final recommendations are tailored specifically for you to generate exacting, lasting results.


Facility Benchmarking involves comparing your facility's performance to similar facilities facilitys.  HelioPower does this by looking at data from thousands of facilitys across the nation.   Benchmarking reveals critical insights on the status of a facility’s operations and equipment.  The results can provide the roadmap of which energy projects should be undertaken and which are not worth it.

Ongoing M&V

Measurement and Verification (M&V) is critical to verifying the performance of any energy project.  HelioPower owns and operates over 160 energy systems, so our engineers have mastered the complex art of M&V.   We lend this expertise to clients in need of M&V for performance contracts, retro-commissioning, or other projects requiring proven energy savings.

M&V Plan Design

Our team is also experienced at developing or vetting M&V plans.  In designing a solid M&V plan, we integrate an analysis of measurement costs, regulatory issues, and technical realities. We are also versed in the International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP) and the Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP) application of the protocol. Our assessments include the evaluation of applied engineering methodologies and all pertinent calculation inputs and assumptions. We utilize our PredictEnergy platform to build real time energy cost modeling predictions applied to your facility operational patterns. Our engineers use latest performance test data to estimate energy impact.  Our operations teams consider the facility codes and standards that apply to a project.