Energy Auditing Services

Energy Auditing

Commercial energy management is driven by economics. For many companies, collecting the relevant energy information can be a daunting task. In turn, those economics are driven by complex, data-intensive, technical calculations. The first step to understanding the economics is collecting the right energy data.  The next step is analyzing it correctly, in the context of your facility through energy advisory services.


Energy advisory services from HelioPower can help you determine what to do next

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HelioPower is there at every step to strengthen your energy decisions. You receive clear recommendations, energy analytics, and market intelligence for your company's needs.

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Cloud Based Energy Auditing

Leveraging PredictEnergy, HelioPower streamlines the process by knowing what to collect, where to collect it, and how to use it.   Our Energy Data & Technical Services include:

Utility/Billing Service Performance Audit

Large facilities with multiple meters, utilities, and fuel sources typically hire a "utility bill management service," and then forget about the bills.  As a result, data falls through the cracks and mistakes are made.   Periodic review and consolidation of these different energy cost centers is critical to accurate energy planning.   HelioPower's team of utility experts is trained at reviewing all your energy data sources, and consolidating into one master repository of your choice.

Tariff Analysis

Your utility rate tariff may no longer be the best match for your current operation, and you could be paying too much.   Our utility rate experts can analyze your energy load patterns under each tariff options, to tell you which tariff is best.  Our tariff switch modeling takes into account all elements of industrial tariff pricing, demand response programs, and third-party suppliers.

Economic Modeling & Energy Analysis

HelioPower's energy analysts are industry leaders in developing investment-grade energy models to quantify the full lifecycle cost and benefit of a proposed energy projects.   In fact, our models evolved into PredictEnergy for industrial process energy evaluation.  We also use standard facility envelop engineering platforms.  Together, our team can rapidly assess the impact of interconnected variables such as demand spikes, offsetting energy loads, and process changes for your facility.

Due Diligence Service

Some energy efficiency and renewable projects require impartial third-party review to ensure their technical accuracy.  HelioPower provides unbiased due diligence review of 3rd Party energy project plans.   We examine the technical content of a project to verify the calculation of energy and demand impacts are accurate and realistic.

Distributed Generation Project Services

Determining whether a particular distributed generation facility is right for your site is no easy task.  It requires mastery of the generation technology, facility consumption patterns, local utility price tariffs, and after-tax structure finance models. Failure to properly account for any one of these variables can destroy your project's expected ROI.  HelioPower's team is expert at the complete project analysis from the engineering, economic, to project management.  And our expertise extends beyond solar PV, into solar thermal, biomass, combined-heat and power, fuel cells, and traditional energy efficiency combinations.

Our engineers have the experience plus creativity to work with a variety of products and services to create optimized energy management programs for its customers.   In addition, HelioPower's energy finance specialists work with clients to uncover and acquire energy rebates and tax credits from utilities and state and federal government agencies for reduction of energy consumption.

Together, HelioPower's comprehensive energy services specialists can navigate the financing and implementation of complex energy efficiency projects, as well as the operation and maintenance impact, thus insuring clients realize the maximum energy cost savings.