Demand Side Management Solutions

Demand Side Management Solutions

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Demand side management refers to the many actions a facility can take to reduce the cost of energy based on usage. A big component of demand side management is reducing demand charges and industry predictions are that demand charges on utility bills will rise higher and faster than the energy portion. Energy management strategies are not one size fits all. Solutions vary widely by industry, facility, and location and it is often difficult to determine the next, best return on investment. Energy analytics provides that guidance and HelioPower’s engineers understand how to design the right solution around your day to day operations. We have worked with hundreds of facilities across numerous industries, helping each achieve the greatest ROI from their energy management initiatives.

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HelioPower works with the leading developers of Smart Storage technology to yield real-time demand response and cost savings to our clients. Our services always take into account the impacts of energy efficiency, demand response, energy storage, and your own facility’s time-of-use energy consumption patterns. Our finance team can assist you in identifying a finance option that is built around your real-time energy savings to optimize cash flow.

Demand Response Strategies

We design demand response strategies that route power to essential systems only, and develop on-site generation that reduces the overall need for grid power. Further, we can deploy automated demand response systems to remotely manage energy consumption at times of peak demand. With HelioPower’s strategies in place, our clients begin earning thousands of dollars a year from demand response programs.

Renewable Energy

HelioPower’s engineers are experts in the full spectrum of renewable energy technologies. Our team can lead you to the best solution by conducting feasibility studies, providing project management services throughout procurement process, and performing commissioning of installed measures to ensure that the energy generation is realized.

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HelioPower’s mission is to reduce energy expenses by leveraging the full spectrum of energy solutions available to each client.