Energy Economics and Procurement

Energy Procurement

From global companies to local municipal facilities, HelioPower’s Energy Procurement team can provide customized assessments of supply-side dynamics based on market, regulatory, and industry conditions. HelioPower is not affiliated with specific energy suppliers, which means we can objectively lead each customer toward the optimal solution for their unique needs.

Strategic Energy Sourcing

HelioPower continually monitors and evaluates your energy supply strategy to adjust quickly when the market changes. We work with a large base of national suppliers to insure the best available supply and pricing.

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We can lead each customer toward an optimal solution.

Our PredictEnergy online dashboard gives you on-demand information about energy costs, market intelligence and contract status to help you make better, more informed decisions on a daily basis. By leveraging our analytical tools, extensive market knowledge, and price discovery strategies, you can time purchasing decisions to negotiate for your maximum advantage.

Learn More About Wholesale Energy Procurement

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Market Analytics And Reporting

HelioPower’s energy supply team monitors your accounts to proactively manage the timing and terms of your energy sourcing decisions. We work with you to develop price triggers based on your objectives, we notify you as any market prices near your triggers, we track the performance of your contracts against various benchmarks, and provide timely market intelligence updates through scheduled calls.

Contracting Negotiation

Energy contract negotiation can be fraught with roadblocks. HelioPower can greatly enhance your company’s energy contract experience. As part of our service, our team oversees preparing, negotiating, and selecting your key supplier contracts to optimize while mitigating pricing risk.

Hedging Strategies

Whether it’s in the natural gas, crude oil or carbon market, HelioPower can develop the right hedging strategy for your business.   Our energy specialists apply a best practice hedging approach that integrates fixed-price, basis and swing exposure mitigation. This can include an optimized power purchase agreement (PPA) with utility companies in deregulated markets to ensure price stability and to mitigate price risk.

Strategize with HelioPower

Energy opportunities differ by region, supplier, customer type and industry. Identifying and capturing these opportunities requires constant exposure to suppliers and their activities within each market. Our dedicated team of energy professionals works day-in and day-out with suppliers in the competitive energy markets searching for ways to reduce your energy costs. HelioPower’s experience in the supplier community translates to energy cost reduction and avoidance for your company.