Popular Services

Popular Services

HelioPower has provided valuable advisory services to our clients since our inception.  Over these years, we have found that the services listed below have proved to be quite popular, saving our clients considerable energy expense as an outcome.  We have also learned that clients will have unique energy related issues that they need addressed.  The HelioPower team is adept at helping to understand the problem and develop customized methodologies to address them to drive cost effective solutions.

popular services from HelioPower

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HelioPower is there at every step to strengthen your energy decisions. You receive clear recommendations, energy analytics, and market intelligence for your company's needs.

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Energy Data Audits and Management

HelioPower conducts low cost energy data audits and reviews or creates plans for the management of critical energy data.  After all, making well-informed, timely, and relevant energy and sustainability decisions requires organized and accurate data. In our experience, Utility bills may contain errors and without systematically checking your bills and billing data for accuracy, you are likely leaving money on the table. However, it can be a logistical nightmare to corral, organize, and audit all that data, especially for a multi-facility or multi-meter organization.  HelioPower has the experience and the tools to allow you to quickly get a handle on your energy spend.

Energy Analytics and Usage Monitoring

Many businesses have undertaken energy and demand reduction programs.  Perhaps you have picked the low hanging fruit by undertaking lighting retrofit projects, signing up for utility audits and demand response programs, and by investigating roof-top solar, other distributed generation, or perhaps even fuel cells.  Unfortunately, with all that work, you’re still falling short of achieving the operational savings desired or the ante has been upped by a more rigorous corporate sustainability goal.  Worse still, the energy intensity of your business and cost of that energy continues to rise.  You’re not alone.  Many companies in this position truly do not know how to prioritize the next step; hence the need for actionable and intelligent information to aid in further energy decision-making. Energy analytics and usage monitoring provide that actionable information.  PredictEnergy™ is HelioPower’s patent-pending energy analytics software and monitoring platform that helps our clients identify and improve the cost of energy in the products they make, move or store.

Strategic Sourcing

HelioPower continually monitors and evaluates your energy supply strategy to adjust quickly when the market changes. We work with a large base of national suppliers to insure the best available supply and pricing.  Our PredictEnergy online dashboard gives you on-demand information about energy costs, market intelligence and contract status to help you make better, more informed decisions on a daily basis. By leveraging our analytical tools, extensive market knowledge, and price discovery strategies, you can time purchasing decisions to negotiate for your maximum advantage.

Tariff Analysis

Though many organizations consider tariff analysis critical to controlling cost in a regulated energy market, your utility rate tariff may no longer be the best match for your current operation, and you could be paying too much.   Our utility tariff experts can analyze your energy load patterns under each tariff options, to tell you which tariff is best.  Our tariff switch modeling takes into account all elements of industrial tariff pricing, demand response programs, on-site generation options, and third-party suppliers.

Energy Planning and Facility Improvement Project Budget Development

HelioPower team members identify, quantify, and prioritize all viable energy savings opportunities for your facility and operational loads.  In assessing your options, we take into account your energy goals, schedule, budget, and internal & external requirements. Our final recommendations are tailored specifically for you to generate exacting, lasting results.

Sustainability Programs

Many organizations have implemented Sustainability Programs as a mandate to develop corporate goodwill by demonstrating a sense of stewardship for the environment and community.  Within these companies, many view the sustainability team and program as a necessary expense, but place it on a lower priority than activities supporting the core business.  On the other hand, our team of experts helps our clients leverage their sustainability initiatives for competitive advantage, bringing it into strategic alignment with the core business purpose of the organization.