Smart Energy Storage

Smart Energy Storage

Smart energy storage addresses the demand component of your energy bill.  A typical electric bill is composed of two basic tariff charges and a number of additional service charges. The two basic fees, comprising the majority of the electric bill are energy and demand charges.

For businesses, half of your electric bill can be from demand charges.  Your “demand” is the highest spike of instantaneous electricity you consume in a particular interval.

Smart storage avoids demand spikes and thereby caps demand charges.For example: if your air conditioner kicks in at the same time as your copy machine, you get a spike in demand. That spike costs you $100s to $1,000s a month.

Smart Energy Storage from HelioPower Caps Demand Charges
Smart energy storage reduces demand charges

Energy Storage and Demand Charges Explained

Energy is the amount of power consumed over a period of time measured in kilowatt-hours (kWh).  Power is the amount of energy consumed or produced per unit time, measured in kilowatts (kW).  Sometimes called a power or distribution charge, demand charges represent the the maximum amount of power in kilowatts (kW) consumed at a single point in time. Demand charges are simply the price of the maximum amount of power consumed in 15-minute intervals during a billing cycle.

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HelioPower’s SmartStorage solution, manufactured by by Sharp the global electronics giant, integrates advanced lithium ion batteries with predictive learning load controllers. Basically, the Smart Energy Storage system learns how you operate your plant to make intelligent decisions around releasing power to shave peak loads. The batteries charge at night and release electricity at peak times during the day to shave load. To do so, the system gathers real time data on your building power needs. Additionally, online monitoring allows you to watch performance while sending Sharp 24/7 status updates for maintenance. HelioPower is proud to be a development partner with Sharp in introducing this technology to the U.S. market.

As the figure below shows, Smart Storage actively monitors load and dispatches stored power to reduce peaks throughout the day, then recharges overnight.

SmartStorage truly is a “smart” energy storage system. This is not battery backup power. Instead, it keeps instantaneous demand power in reserve.

As your building demand starts to spike, SmartStorage load controllers trigger a rapid power discharge to offset the spike.

The result is your demand is capped.  Smart energy storage kicks in and supplies power – automatically reducing the amount of power you draw from the grid thereby reducing your demand charge.

smart energy storage from heliopower

More Information on Demand Cost Reduction

HelioPower has performed numerous energy analytics engagements and deployments of PredictEnergy™ at Manufacturing Plants, Logistics Centers, and Water-Wastewater Facilities with quantified savings that reduced total operational energy costs by more than 20%. Learn more about demand cost reduction.