Free Solar Site Evaluation

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Get a customized free solar site evaluation and energy bill assessment from HelioPower. Our analysts evaluate your energy bill, your tariff and site's suitability for solar PV and other energy efficiency and cost-down options.

When performing a free solar site evaluation, the most important calculation is your Avoided Cost of Energy, or ACOE. Your ACOE is a measure of the cost of power (demand charges) and energy you currently pay that would be offset by a solar array.

We'll look at your solar insolation (the incident, perpendicular solar radiation) at your site, the shading, the optimum orientation and tilt, jurisdictional factors like permitting or particular environmental concerns and wrap all that into a free solar site evaluation.

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What This Opportunity Will Give You

We’ll also send you a cost/benefit report based on your energy use, plus we’ll outline the financing options that can make the project easier to approve.

Specifically, our free solar site evaluation includes:

  • Optimal solar system design for your roof
  • Approximate turnkey cost of the solar project
  • Annual energy savings based on your energy usage
  • Additional energy efficiency options