Expected Solar Production

Expected Solar Production Analysis

Determining what your system should be producing can be a challenge, while determining what your portfolio of systems should be producing can be overwhelming. Solar power production is a function of many factors. But, in order to find out what your output should be, you''ll need an expected solar production analysis. Our full-analysis service includes:

  • How many panels? What size and where are the panels oriented.
  • Inverter efficiency
  • Wire type and size
  • Time of year
  • Irradiance (the amount of sunlight hitting the panels)
  • Geographic location
  • Panel PTC rating, air temperature, etc
heliopower can help you find your output with an expected solar production analysis

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heliopower provide expected solar production analysis services for homeowners

How can HelioPower Help?

A quick call to HelioPower can get you in touch with the right person to get a complete and accurate analysis of your system.  Our Expected Solar Production Analysis Service will tell you whether your system is on par with where it should be, or if it’s deficient in some way.  Often these deficiencies are simple in nature but have dramatic impact on system output. Solar systems can last a long time, and any deficiencies in system output are costing you money in lost production. Therefore, the longer your system is under-performing the more money you’re losing.  If your system is performing below expected solar production, HelioPower service technicians inspect and repair the issue to prevent any system down-time and lost revenue.

Expected Solar Production Analysis Services

The standard residential analysis for a single solar system and meter connection is $245.  But, this includes having a technician sent out to your solar array to conduct module count, module type verification, wiring inspection, inverter analysis, orientation and ambient conditions. This ensures that your system continues to operate as expected, and if not, to at least get your system back on track. So, if you would like to learn about getting your expected solar production, please contact us today or place an order directly on our shop!