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Helio Micro Utility Solar Finance Services

We have spent two decades building and financing our own renewable energy projects and expanding our solar finance services. Helio Micro Utility provides clients with a complete suite of energy finance services: project modeling, project structuring, fund development, project placement and operational management. Our clients rely on us to provide them accurate data-driven results that include energy analytics, tax analysis, legal review, deal structuring, investment modeling, energy as-is and to-be analyses, and technology evaluations.

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Are you interested in learning more about energy financing? Please contact Helio Micro Utility, the leading independent energy advisory serving solar developers, EPCs and electrical contractors.

Technical Expertise

Our expertise spans commercial energy analysis, renewable energy economics, structured finance, investment modeling, and marketing/sales support. Helio Micro Utility has consulted on a wide array of technologies, including: solar pv, energy storage, pv+storage, biomass, and wind. Helio Micro Utility has provided energy finance advisory services to tax equity investors, sponsor equity investors, debt providers, project developers, building owners, third-party owners, lien holders, technology providers, manufacturers, both domestic and international.

Helio Micro Utility solar finance services

Effective energy finance requires deep expertise across a number of specialties including: project finance modeling and structuring, tax policy, energy engineering, EPC contracts,  jurisdictional requirements, and asset management.  Helio Micro Utility has been developing and financing projects for Helio Energy Solutions and third-party developers since 2007 and acquired Greenzu in 2012 to expand its advisory services capabilities. Helio Micro Utility delivers independent, professional analysis, saving you time and money.

Solar finance services to a wide array of clients


Commercial Operating Lease • Prepaid Solar PPA • Non-profit Solar Options  • Structured Finance • Project Finance Services • Energy Analysis & Modeling


Solar Project Developers • Manufacturers • Investment Funds • Property Owners • Solar Installers • Equipment Lessors • Lien holders


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Helio mU's solar finance services are an outgrowth of the work we did to develop, finance, construct and manage our own portfolio of projects. We understand the energy finance services landscape from the perspective of a developer, an investor, an EPC and an asset manager.

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