Business Development

The energy industry is constantly changing: New technologies, market conditions, competition, pricing, and policies. Keeping abreast of these shifting issues is critical yet time-consuming. Helio Micro Utility’s team of research analysts can drive this process for clients in a variety of roles.Business Development Support

Business development requires identifying opportunities, vetting targets, building a set of contacts, and then launching sales/approach efforts. While you make the sale, our research team is great at laying the infrastructure to streamline your efforts. Our team can survey the market and quantify potential opportunities. We can also execute a systematic outreach campaign to generate leads or vet contacts.

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About Our Expertise

Helio Micro Utility provides a variety of research and analysis to help clients stay abreast of market trends, business development opportunities, legislative and policy trends, technology options, and energy pricing shifts. Our research team includes several bright, voracious analysts that are adept at primary research and data synthesis. Our in-house graphic designer helps turn findings into highly polished reports and presentations.

Helio Micro Utility can work on a time-and-materials or success-free basis. Contact us today to explore how we can maximize your projects' value and increase your profitability.