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Renewable Energy Finance Services

Helio Micro Utility offers a broad array of renewable energy finance services (including financial, tax, legal, and market research) to a variety of clients and industries. With services tailored to investors, owner-operators, project developers, and building owners, HmU is your one-stop shop for renewable energy finance services. Our expertise is in commercial and industrial distributed generation energy applications spanning all major energy technologies including solar, energy storage (batteries), solar thermal, fuel cells, energy efficiency, and lighting retrofits.

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Renewable Energy Finance Services for Complex Projects

renewable energy finance services from HmU

Successful distributed generation energy projects require mastery of established and emerging technologies, construction risk factors, variable pricing, strict tax issues, local jurisdictional requirements, and complex financial structures. The stakeholders in these projects demand accurate economic projections supporting innovative financial structures. Helio Micro Utility specializes in complex projects and as an owner-operator of more than 100 energy assets in its own right, HmU has the unique expertise to meet these demands. We can provide you with the industry insights and financial advice needed to move your projects ahead.

Helio Micro Utility raises and syndicates project finance for proprietary and third-party energy projects and provides financing options for all its customer segments. Offerings include power purchase agreements, leases, and/or subsidized energy loans. All financing products are structured to lower the overall cost of energy and significantly reduce or eliminate the upfront cost of purchasing an energy system. Helio Micro Utility also offers energy finance advisory services for avoided cost analyses, project modeling, project placement, and best fit analyses.