Renewable Energy Investors

Renewable Energy Investors

Helio Micro Utility brings a comprehensive financial perspective for renewable energy investors. From joint venture advisory to project finance and tax equity structuring, each of our renewable energy finance service offerings are underpinned by our core competencies. With solid experience in the energy markets and financing execution.

As an investor, owner, and operator of its own commercial solar installations, Helio Micro Utility has first-hand experience with what developers must accomplish in order to complete a project.

Energy Investors Services

  • Project Energy Modeling
  • Energy Valuation & Utility Pricing Analysis
  • Financial Modeling & Pro-Forma Financials Development
  • Deal Structuring Strategy & Due Diligence
  • Underwriting
  • Market Research & Data Analysis
  • Business Development Support
  • Development equity

That knowledge gives Helio Micro Utility the unique ability to deliver financial services for renewable energy investors based on real-world expertise. Helio Micro Utility provides investment advisory services to family offices, corporations, banks, infrastructure funds, leasing companies, and investment funds evaluating energy projects.

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Services to Energy Investors Include:

Project Energy Modeling

We will build an independent energy model to objectively assess the likely output of your energy project. Our models take into account the specific technology and design factors of a given project. We go beyond manufacturer’s datasheets and marketing collateral. Instead, we draw from primary research of production and maintenance cycles seen by real-world users of the technology at issue.

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Energy Valuation & Utility Pricing Analysis

The value of energy varies widely based on the utility, customer-type, and prevailing rate plan. Our team has developed utility-specific models for hundreds of rate plans. In building energy valuation models, we are experts in juggling the complexities of demand-based pricing, time-of-use, and energy consumption tiered rate plans.

hmu provides financial services to renewable energy investors

Financial Modeling & Pro-forma Financial Development

We can deliver investment grade project finance models that include the standard financial statements, plus debt schedules, energy income schedules, O&M schedules, and tax equity and sponsor equity investors waterfalls. Our comprehensive set of models are in an integrated excel model whereby all values are dynamic and scalable to allow for adaptation to each type of investment scenario.

Deal Structuring Strategy & Due Diligence

A critical and integral piece of our financial services for renewable energy investors includes our understanding of the legal landscape. While you should always check with your own counsel, our legal team can advise you on the best structure for your deal: PPA, Lease, Service Agreement, Sale-Leaseback, Partnership Flip, or Inverted Lease. We can also provide the full set of documents and financial models needed to execute the deal.

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When contract documents are already in place, Helio Micro Utility can assist in reviewing agreements and flagging potential issues. In particular, we can review to ensure everything is in place to claim the tax incentives, avoid insurance gaps, and avoid unintentional warranty exclusions.


Our team is happy to support in the underwriting of the project and the off-taker. This includes collecting the necessary financial data about the off-taker, the project, and the contractors. We also have a proprietary credit rating system that takes into account both the creditworthiness of the project, real estate and the financial stability of the off-taker.

Business Development Support

Most investors find the lack of viable projects to be their biggest barrier to growth. Our team can build a systematic outreach campaign to insure you learn of the best available projects that meet your criteria.  HmU can also arrange development equity for projects. This is often the critical missing link between developers and investors and a linchpin of our financial services for renewable energy investors.

Maximizing Developer Solar Project Pricing

Helio Micro Utility can work on a time-and-materials or success-free basis. Contact us today to explore how we can maximize your projects' value and increase your profitability.