Energy Solutions for Building Owners

Energy Solutions for Building Owners

Building owners interested in alternative energy or energy efficiency measures face a wide range of excellent choices, which are unfortunately time-consuming and sometimes confusing to evaluate. Helio Micro Utility’s team of energy experts combined with legal and financial professionals carry the unique ability to advise owners to finding the best solution.

Helio Micro Utility provides building owners a seasoned expert when evaluating their energy options. Specifically: (a) solar, (b) alternative energy, and (c) energy efficiency options. Helio Micro Utility can help in all facets of a project, from selecting the right technology, to vetting various bids, and to overseeing the installation of the chosen solutions.

Pre-Development Services

  • Utility Bill Audit
  • Site Assessment
  • Review of Subsidies
  • Financial Incentive Modeling
  • Solar Cost & Benefit Report

Helio Micro Utility provides energy advisory services to property owners, multi-family housing developers, REITs, commercial landlords, non-profits, and property managers.

Find Out If Helio mU Is Right For Your Business

Are you interested in learning more about energy financing? Please contact Helio Micro Utility, the leading independent energy advisory serving solar developers, EPCs and electrical contractors.

Utility Billing Audit

We will evaluate your current and historical utility bills, energy usage patterns, peak and off-peak electricity usage, and utility tariff rates.

Site Assessment

We will evaluate your property to assess whether solar is a good fit, what size system it can support, and what is the best fit against your energy consumption patterns. This includes a full evaluation of rooftops, surface, and parking area suitability for installing a solar system.

Review of Subsidies & Financial Incentives Modeling

The economic viability and attractiveness of solar projects is heavily influenced by financial incentives and regulatory structures available. These incentives vary drastically across different geographic regions and require a deep understanding of current and rapidly evolving federal, state, and local financial incentives, regulatory structures, and policy mandates.

Helio Micro Utility will guide you through the maze of renewable energy incentives available for your building. We will quantify the value of the financial incentives and determine the process necessary for you to take advantage of those options.

Helio Micro Utility will provide energy solutions for business owners

Solar Cost Benefit Report

Following our site survey, energy model, and collection of installation bids, Helio Micro Utility will prepare a solar cost/benefit report on your behalf. After the preliminary cost/benefit analysis is complete, we draft an RFP on your behalf, collect bids, evaluate contractors, build a site specific solar design, and confirm with our energy models that you will see the promised energy savings.

Go Beyond Solar. Review All Clean-Tech Options

We are not limited to just solar. We are experienced with evaluating the full range of alternative energy technologies used in commercial buildings.

Maximizing Developer Solar Project Pricing

Helio Micro Utility can work on a time-and-materials or success-free basis. Contact us today to explore how we can maximize your projects' value and increase your profitability.