How to Buy Commercial Solar

How to Buy Commercial Solar

Many of our commercial solar customers look for ways to finance their system in order to decrease the upfront capital expenditures. Fortunately, the solar community has developed a variety of clever ways to finance these projects. In fact, we launched Helio Micro Utility to help enterprises arrange the best finance option for their size, business, energy profile and cash flow objectives.

Your Choice of Solar Purchasing Options

The cost of installing solar ranges from $0 down to full upfront purchase.   The three main options are: a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), a Solar Lease, and an upfront purchase.  Each option presents a trade-off between the initial capital investment and long term energy savings, shown in the table below.

commercial solar initial investment

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Solar Incentives For California Facility Owners

There are two primary solar incentives: (1) federal tax incentives, and (2) the California Solar Initiative rebate. Eligibility for each incentive depends on your tax status. The incentives break down as follows:

commercial solar for California facility owners

Case Study: How to Buy solar - A 100kW System on a California Office

When a typical flat commercial rooftop in California installs a 100 kW solar system, it will offset up to 70% of its energy use with solar power. The costs and financial savings that building sees depends on which purchase option it chooses. The typical savings are below:

commercial solar case study

How to Buy Solar - Solar Finance Services

Our solar finance division, Helio Micro Utility, helps customers arrange a variety of options including:

Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) - Helio Energy Solutions has installs hundreds of commercial solar systems and thousands of residential systems under a PPA. In a PPA, Helio Energy Solutions installs solar on the client's roof at no upfront cost. In return, the client agrees to buy the electricity that is generated from the solar system at a discounted rate for a defined period, typically 20 years.

Commercial Solar Lease - With a commercial solar lease, clients pay a low monthly lease payment and after a 7-12 years they own the system. Over the last 2 years Helio Energy Solutions has begun to install more and more commercial systems under a solar lease.

Economics Engineered Around Customer's Financials

A Helio Energy Solutions solar expert will thoroughly review your electricity usage, future electrical needs, property considerations, and financial goals. After calculating the rebates and incentives available in your ares, we can then recommend the best solar financing support based on your unique objectives.