Integrated Energy Solutions

All our clients want to cut their energy costs. The best way to do that, though, is not one-size fits all. The solution for most  of our commercial clients is usually driven by an analysis of current load, tariff and other costs, and general business requirements.  This data collection and decision making is called energy analytics, and a methodical and conscientious application of energy analytics typically results in better solutions and higher ROI (return on investment) solutions. Commercial energy solutions tend to vary widely, but the highest ROI solutions usually come from a combination of energy efficiency, operational changes, and distributed generation (solar, fuel cells, co-gen, biomass). Our team is expert in all facets of that energy analysis, working to find the best fit solution for your unique facility.

Who We Are

Helio Energy Solutions's team includes Certified Energy Managers, licensed Professional Engineers, master Energy Economic analysts, accomplished Software Developers, Accountants, Electricians, Project Managers, and an in-house construction team responsible for building over 4,500 energy systems. Together, we guide clients through the lifecycle of an energy project – from the idea stage, to implementation, all the way to long term maintenance. We call this our Integrated Energy Service.

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Energy Analytics

Helio Energy Solutions is a leading innovator in the use of energy analytics to improve energy management decision-making. We have a strong history as a trusted energy solutions provider to a broad range of manufacturing, agricultural and logistics companies. Helio Energy Solutions’s analytics services are based on three differentiating strengths:

  • The depth of our energy engineering knowledge and resources
  • Our PredictEnergy™ analytics technology that is capable of instantaneously analyzing energy information; and,
  • Business cases that demonstrate the value we create for our clients

Analytics are used in many industries to optimize business processes, but their adoption for commercial energy solutions has lagged. This is now changing as businesses start to isolate energy as a growing and often significant expense. Safeway uses Helio Energy Solutions's PredictEnergy™ software energy analytics platform to model, record and predict energy costs before and after improvement measures are implemented. Helio Energy Solutions has created best practices and tool sets to mine and analyze energy information to provide best case energy reduction programs.

Helio Energy Solutions is an engineering-driven company focused entirely on reducing the cost of energy for its customers using sustainable technologies.  Electric vehicles represent a fun transportation solution (they're often very high-performance), not to mention economically attractive and sustainable - as you charge your car at home and drive by gas stations with a smile!

One of the products we offer is installing and maintaining electric vehicle (EV) charging stations at homes and business all over our service area.  In addition, when we integrate EV charging stations with your building's electrical circuitry, we can also provide you a composite view of all the energy your facility generates and consumes, and identify areas to save you money!


In a special program, Helio Energy Solutions is currently offering low or no-cost electric vehicle charging infrastructure at your business or multifamily housing development. We’ve teamed up with a major utility to engineer and install EV charging systems for your employees to use while at your facility. In many cases, the entire project from ‘plan-to-plug’ is absolutely free to the building owner. That’s right, the utility pays us to do the installation and you pay nothing for the system. This funding is only available for an extremely limited time! Call 1.877.959.8816 or click here now to reserve your EV station before the funding for this special program is gone.

Off Grid Solar

First Solar contracted with Helio Energy Solutions to design a series of reliable battery-based AC power sources for (4) air quality monitoring stations running 24 hours per day 365 days per year at one of the world’s largest photovoltaic plants- the 550MW PV Power Generation Plant located in the Mojave Desert east of Palm Springs, CA. The air quality stations are located in remote and environmentally hostile locations which required Helio Energy Solutions to Engineer ultra-reliable, robust systems built to last anywhere. Peak day time temperatures can reach 120 °F, necessitating the inclusion of HVAC units, and thunderstorms can drop an inch of rain in less than an hour. The constant wind and fine blowing sand can fill and damage equipment boxes causing shorts and failures.

off grid energy solutions

The project, located on federal land, is subject to stringent environmental and safety oversight. Helio Energy Solutions’s role was to design, engineer, procure and construct the system, and since completion in 2013, Helio Energy Solutions has provided operations and maintenance for the sites to ensure peak operational performance.

Ground Mount Solar With Trackers & Rate Change

Facility Type: Winery
Helio Energy Solutions works extensively in the agribusiness sector, and recently developed, designed, engineered and constructed a 516kWdc commercial solar power system for Giumarra Vineyards Corporation in Bakersfield CA.  The solar array is adjacent to Giumarra’s main production and cold storage facility. Using 2296 modules, the system delivers over 1 gigawatt-hour of electricity annually, enough to power over 200 homes. In conjuction with the energy project, Helio Energy Solutions implemented a rate change that eliminated 100% of Giumarra's demand charge and savings are on track to exceed $3 Million.


Helio Energy Solutions Biomass tour for energy solutions

Project Description:

Helio Energy Solutions was contracted by a project developer to perform detailed electrical engineering for the power and controls systems that allow a 1MW biomass power plant to generate and control the flow of electricity onto the PG&E grid. Biomass projects of this scope require sourcing and integration of highly specialized components. Through our global network of electronics suppliers, Helio Energy Solutions was able to design, engineer and procure equipment for the project and meet the budget and timeline of the client.

Asset Management

Project Description:

When one of the world’s largest energy services company asked Helio Energy Solutions for help maintaining their energy producing assets, we knew we must be doing something right! Helio Energy Solutions offers end-to-end solar maintenance services and asset management services for hundreds of companies. Indeed, some of our biggest Asset Management customers are ESCOs, utilities and even other EPC contractors who either can’t or don’t want to handle the responsibility of keeping the electricity flowing. Chevron Energy Solutions has made a specialty of installing high quality solar parking canopies throughout school districts in the San Francisco Bay Area of California.

Chevron - Helio Energy Solutions Client

For 36 PV system sites totaling over 5MW of power, Helio Energy Solutions performs regular, preventative maintenance and cleaning for Chevron’s solar assets. Occasionally, Helio Energy Solutions is also asked to perform corrective maintenance such as inverter repairs or solar panel replacements when something goes wrong.