Net Metering Batteries

Utilizing Net Metering Batteries

Energy Storage is an alternate power supply in the event that the utility grid goes down. Energy storage has become a popular energy management solution in the commercial sector, especially when combined with Solar PV. It offers energy consumers the flexibility in managing and reducing the use of electricity consumption. However, when you incorporate solar with net metering batteries, customers with efficient solar and battery sotrage systems shall receive Net Energy Metering (NEM) credits.

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Overview of Net Metering Batteries

The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) policy states that solar and other net metering-eligible systems with batteries constitute a single generating unit that qualifies for all the benefits of Net Metering. Specifically:

  • Energy storage devices paired with Solar or other NEM generation facilities shall be exempt from the most burdensome utility reviews and fees.  Customers with efficient systems shall receive 100% of the NEM credits.
  • Residential-scale NEM-paired storage systems under 10kWac don’t have to be sized to customer demand or the NEM generator.  There are also some requirements for measuring grid energy drawn into storage.
net metering batteries
  • Storage systems over 10kWac with maximum power output less than 150% of solar system capacity must install a meter costing up to $600 to ensure NEM credits apply to solar output only.
  • Larger NEM-paired storage systems will be on a the NEM-MT tariff, and must pay an application fee of $800.  They will still get NEM credits for net generated solar energy, but they may also be subject fees for standby charges, distribution studies and upgrades.

Net Metering Batteries Explained

Battery backup offers energy consumers flexibility in managing energy consumption, and an alternate power supply in the event the grid goes down.  Net metering batteries with solar fulfills that promise offering ultimate energy flexibility. Want to read more about Net Metering Batteries? Read the full article here.

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There are currently many commercial customers that have invested in solar and are enjoying substantial savings and economic benefits. But, when solar is coupled with energy storage there are often enhanced energy savings. If you’d like to discuss net metering batteries, please contact us today!

If you have a complex electricity load, HelioPower offers comprehensive energy analytics, either  as a service or in combination with the PredictEnergy software platform.  If you would like an analysis of your load profile to see whether a storage system would provide you additional savings and benefits, please call us today.