Don't Pay For Solar!

What? Don't Pay For Solar!

Are you suffering from high electric bills? You're not alone. Many people suffer needlessly because they are under the impression that going solar to reduce or eliminate their high electric bill is expensive. What if you can greatly reduce or eliminate your electrical bill with home solar AND have the utility pay for it? In other words, what if you could get solar essentially for free? Why lease when you can own the system with a smart finance strategy? Don't Pay for Solar! Pocket up to $135,903.48* over the 25 year life of the system! Find out how to get the utility to pay for your solar system today!

Solar Energy System

Find Out if You and Your Home Qualify!

Simply fill out the form below and we will have one of our professional Energy Consultants call to see if you qualify for our program.

*By submitting your contact information, you authorize HelioPower to call you with how much you qualify for with the telephone number you have provided. You do not have to agree to receive such calls in order to see if you qualify.

Reduce Energy

Don’t pay for solar! HelioPower prides itself in providing a holistic approach to our customers energy challenges. We analyze your real energy usage and help you build a solid plan to reduce your energy footprint allowing you to use a smaller, less costly solar system.

Produce Energy

Don’t pay for solar! We custom design and elegantly build a solar system that will produce just the right amount of energy for your family, your home, and your lifestyle.

Have the Utility Pay

Don’t pay for Solar! We have a proprietary system we teach our clients that gets the utility to pay for both their solar system and energy efficiency upgrades. Don’t pay for solar by itself!  It all starts with diverting your existing utility bill. Our experts will show you how.

*Based on $250/month Electric Bill Compounded at 6.7% Annually, Based on CPUC Data.

Are You Qualified?

In summary, if you enjoy the benefits energy provides but would like to insulate yourself from inevitable future price increases and save yourself lots of money, redirecting your current and anticipated future electric bills into a solar system makes tremendous sense for most people. Talk to us today and start saving money!

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