Analytics Screen View

For simple visualization

PredictEnergy® Analytics Screen Views

PredictEnergy® analytics screen views provide the visualization required for straightforward decision making. Because decision making and risk mitigation are managed by different corporate roles who require information to be presented in the context of that role, Analytics Screen Views display energy consumption, unit production and utility cost for key performance indicators (KPIs), by organizational unit and organizational role.

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If the cost of energy is important to your business, then energy analytics helps you prioritize where and how to improve.

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Enterprise Screen View

C-Level staff require energy cost performance information rolled up, permitting a performance view across an enterprise, so the Enterprise View displays corporate wide energy use and product specific performance for a fast and easy view of total energy, energy/product performance, highs/lows and deviation from set norms or goals.  Business Unit, Plant and Operations Views are designed to provide increasingly detailed information to operations and management personnel.

PE Analytics Views - Energy and Power

Each level is designed to support the energy information needs and business decisions of the company’s key players.  Each staff member therefore has a reliable and straightforward method designed specifically for their role to contrast and compare production energy use to understand and take positive steps to reduce energy costs, and improve the business processes.

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PredictEnergy® analytics focus on the energy intensity of everything you make, move or store and helps you identify what to do next to reduce energy costs. For more information on PredictEnergy® Cost Analytics or to upgrade your PredictEnergy® license, please complete the form.