Analytics Screen View (Part 2)

Energy Analytics Screenshots

PredictEnergy® is an energy analytics tool-set that identifies the specific changes to your processes which directly reduce energy costs and this group of energy analytics screenshots illustrate the visualization provided by the software to facilitate straightforward decision making.

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If the cost of energy is important to your business, then energy analytics helps you prioritize where and how to improve.

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Navigating through Screen views

Energy Analytics Screenshot - Load Curve


Total company wide energy performance is available using the Enterprise view. This view targets a broad understanding of energy performance across a multiple facility enterprise. The view can be configured for product production or product line performance or selected other key production and energy performance indicators.

Business Unit and Plant

Business Unit view provides access to your locations, and allows you do location and building energy and energy cost per unit output comparisons. Plant view provides building energy and energy cost per unit output comparisons at one location.

Demand Forecast

The Demand Forecasting feature computes and displays forecasted demand for a future period. This feature uses advanced energy analytics of historical energy use to determine the best demand forecast. By default, the forecast is for the next 4 hours but can be adjusted as needed.


Production view provides access to plant locations, and enables plant location and product line energy and energy cost per unit output comparisons. You can select the meter (total site power, load center, etc.), the period or date range to view product line(s) energy and energy cost per product unit output.

energy analytics screenshot from PredictEnergy


The Flow view provides measurement and analysis of flow meters (gas, water etc.) in various units (e.g. gph, MG, MGD), and provides location and facility flow results in chart format. You can select location, pick a date range, and then configure for multiple comparisons, or percentage/ratio of flows per location. Resolution can vary from 30 min to 1 year based on date range settings, and reporting is provided for MG/MGD Flow for the date range selected.


Temperature views may be displayed separately, combined with other parameters for calculations to provide the desired analysis. Temperature views are often linked to the system event monitor to provide various alarms and alert monitoring.


Baseline comparisons are available based on historical energy used or goal setting.  Comparisons of previous year energy or anticipated savings from energy reduction projects may be compared against actual energy use. Five baselines can be created for each meter.

Convert to Cost

Utility rate pricing functionality provides utility-specific rates for energy use and demand. While in the Energy View, the user may convert the existing energy and demand (kWh and kW) they are viewing to energy and demand cost ($) for the same meters, facilities, enterprise, etc). The results are displayed graphically and in downloadable table format for the month of the date range selection.  In the Scenario View, tariff changes may be modeled against the selected load profile.

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PredictEnergy® analytics focus on the energy intensity of everything you make, move or store and helps you identify what to do next to reduce energy costs. For more information on PredictEnergy® Cost Analytics or to upgrade your PredictEnergy® license, please complete the form.