Energy Analytics Startup Process

The Energy Analytics Startup Process- 4 Steps

Data Acquisition and Communications

The energy analytics startup process begins with data modeling and data acquisition.  We use standardized and proven installation methods to integrate metering/monitoring/instrumentation systems and communications modules to transmit key energy, flow, production and other parameters to our Energy Analytics Engine. In many cases, PredictEnergy™ can piggyback off existing data acquisition systems.

System Configuration

PredictEnergy™ is configured with the appropriate utility tariff schedules, production capture units, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), enterprise and facility layouts, distributed generation, energy analytics decision rules, and reporting preferences, among other features.

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Information Presentation

Screen views are defined to ensure proper presentation of graphics and tables, etc, and the desired scenarios are configured.

The energy analytics startup process

System Integration

The startup process is finalized when all required information is securely integrated with ERP, SCADA, cell controllers, facility networks, and other systems as required.