Evaluating Energy Production Cost

Evaluating Energy Production Cost

Reducing energy usage on its own isn’t really a worthwhile economic goal; reducing the cost of energy is. Energy usage and costs are frequently disassociated with typical utility tariff schedules and demand charges. To be precise, the goal is to reduce energy cost per unit output.

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Data-Driven Decisions

If you can produce your product, or move your shipment, or process your material with lower direct costs, profits increase. Energy analytics is the ability to analyze energy costs historically, and in real-time, and in the context of your business.

PredictEnergy™ integrates all three legs of the energy analytics stool: energy and power, tariff schedule, and production.  HelioPower’s energy analytics software platform and process allows you to determine direct energy costs and define them in the context of cost of goods sold (COGS) rather than an overhead expense.  This enables energy cost improvements to scale with your business.

reducing energy cost with predictenergy