SCADA Systems and Energy Analytics

SCADA and Energy Analytics Work Together

Both SCADA and Predictive Analytics systems function by acquiring and managing data. However this information is generally in separate data stores, but shared by each system as needed. It manages the data to provide automated distributed control and reporting, where predictive and decision ANALYTICS drills through data to detect trends against rules to support better decision making or simply to . . . “Know what to do next…”. The PredictEnergy™ application performs in concert with SCADA, sharing data as needed.

scada system and energy analytics

Learn More About Energy Analytics

If the cost of energy is important to your business, then energy analytics helps you prioritize where and how to improve.

PredictEnergy™ data can also be integrated with the SCADA system to extend data and expand information visibility. This provides a powerful contribution not normally associated with a SCADA system. The interface requires a detailed understanding of the clients configuration and integration requirements. Helio Energy Solutions is an expert in business analysis and requirements development to design the best SCADA energy data acquisition and PredictEnergy™ interface.

scada system for predictenergy analytics

How Can PredictEnergy™ Help You

PredictEnergy™ makes it easy to analyze your energy cost.  Selecting the "Convert to Cost" button takes your energy and demand and displays them in terms of cost (dollar-denominated) as a function of your tariff rate schedule.