Energy Analytics and SCADA Systems

Energy Analytics and SCADA Integration

Energy Analytics provide advanced analysis of SCADA parameters and other data sources to provide intelligent decision making input to operators and others.  This can include accessing other computer systems and programs thru an application programming interface or directly from a data base.  Energy analytics combines the information from these data sources using unique algorithms.  An example might be the calculation of hypothetical energy cost based on the energy and demand used at a load center based on utility tariff information gathered thru a tariff rate provider.

scada system and energy analytics

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If the cost of energy is important to your business, then energy analytics helps you prioritize where and how to improve.

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scada system for predictenergy analytics

Who uses SCADA?

Typically, SCADA systems are used to automate complex processes where human control is impractical. Careful construction of rule-sets can assist system operators with routine management functions. Most SCADA systems control:

  • Electric power generation, transmission and distribution
  • Water and sewage
  • Buildings, facilities and environments
  • Manufacturing
  • Mass transit
  • Traffic signals

What is the Integration like?

PredictEnergy® is integrated with the SCADA system to extend data and expand information visibility. Both systems function by acquiring and managing data, but, the information is typically in separate data stores. PredictEnergy® integrates with SCADA and works off the same data. This provides a powerful contribution not normally associated with a SCADA system. The interface requires a detailed understanding of the client’s configuration and integration requirements.

Here is an example of energy analytics and the scada system integrating together.

How Can PredictEnergy™ Help You

PredictEnergy® allows you to analyze your energy costs easily.  By selecting the "Convert to Cost" button, you can display your demand charges as a function of your tariff rate schedule. Helio Energy Solutions is an expert in business analysis and requirements development to design the best SCADA energy data acquisition and PredictEnergy® interface.