Best Program Solution Example

Example of a Program Solution

A high growth manufacturer purchased a new building with an ideal roof top for distributed generation using solar energy.  Their initial plan was to install solar energy to reduce demand and energy cost.  Installation of the solar system alone would not meet their financial goals, additionally because of their growth solar alone would not ensure that the load was reduced and sustained to stay on the A6 Tariff schedule.

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Energy Analytics

PredictEnergy® was used to run Energy Solution Cases where multiple scenarios were run for some solution cases.   PredictEnergy® then solved for the best energy projects to create a viable and sustainable energy cost reduction program and best overall program solution to meet Baseline goals:

  • Lower Utility Rate
  • Utilize Self Generation
  • Reduce Peak Demand, and
  • Improve Energy Efficiency
solving for best program solution

PredictEnergy® Analytics Software

PredictEnergy® analtyics defined energy solution projects in each Solution Case to provide an overall Best integrated energy solution program as seen in the graphic above.  This table below highlights the projects defined and process improvements from the solution case analytics.