Why Energy Analytics Software?

Why Energy Analytics Software?

Many businesses have undertaken energy and demand reduction programs.  Perhaps you have picked the low hanging fruit by undertaking lighting retrofit projects, signing up for utility audits and demand response programs, and by investigating roof-top solar, other distributed generation, or perhaps even fuel cells.

Unfortunately, with all that work, you’re still falling short of achieving the operational savings desired or the ante has been upped by a more rigorous corporate sustainability goal.  Worse still, the energy intensity of your business and cost of that energy continues to rise.  You’re not alone.

Many companies in this position truly do not know how to prioritize the next step; hence the need for actionable and intelligent information to aid in further energy decision-making. Energy Analytics provide that actionable information.

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If the cost of energy is important to your business, then energy analytics helps you prioritize where and how to improve.

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PredictEnergy® Analytics Software

PredictEnergy® is Helio Energy Solutions’s patent-pending energy analytics software and monitoring platform that helps our clients identify and improve the cost of energy in the products they make, move or store.

PredictEnergy® applies in discrete manufacturing, process manufacturing, batch process and distribution environments, and is explicitly focused on reducing the cost of energy as COGS (cost-of-goods-sold) for our clients.

PredictEnergy® combines the following three critical data sources into actionable intelligence:

  • Energy and Power – Derived through instrumenting the key load centers in the process, both physical and virtual
  • Production Data – Integrated with client’s ERP system or similar
  • Cost – Applying energy consumption and demand charges to the applicable tariff schedule

Energy Cost Influencing Factors

Critically, PredictEnergy® can integrate historical and real-time data, place that data in the context of your business and your utility tariff, and make valuable predictions as changes occur in load, production requirements, or tariff.

So, why energy analytics software?  The primary purpose of energy analytics software is to understand the energy intensity of the business and reduce energy costs going forward.

Energy cost too high? Energy Analytics Software can help