Meet The PredictEnergy™ Team!

Mo Rousso, COO


Mo Rousso

Maurice “Mo” Rousso engineered and installed his first solar energy project in 1975. A true industry veteran, Mr. Rousso founded Helio Energy Solutions in 2001, a leading solar power integration firm based in California, and served as the company’s CEO. Being a serial entrepreneur with the start-up of four companies under his belt, Mo is excited grow Helio Energy Solutions.

Prior to Helio Energy Solutions, Mr. Rousso was the Chief Utility Strategist for Breakaway Solutions, an international consulting firm, and prepared a market strategy for a consortium of German Utilities and a Fortune 500 energy trading company. Prior to that, he was western region Vice President of EMA Services, an international utility consulting firm that focused on IT and business process engineering. Mo has authored numerous papers on the implementation of IT systems to drive business results. Mr. Rousso also co-authored a book on the use of object-oriented technology to facilitate the engineering of business processes. His IT experience includes customer service and billing systems, financial management systems, automated meter reading systems, GIS, SQL and RDBMS, SCADA, and process control systems.

His engineering and asset management background includes serving as a results, design, and start-up engineer for the Public Service Company of Colorado – designing, constructing and commissioning coal, nuclear, and hydro electric generating facilities, in addition to his “tool belt” solar electric generating facility experience.

Mr. Rousso holds a Master of Business Administration with an emphasis in Finance and a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Arizona.  Mo is also an accomplished civilian pilot.

TR Bietsch, Managing Director/Product Manager

TR Bietsch

TR Bietsch

TR Bietsch brings extensive knowledge and experience in utility power production, energy management and process control technologies to the team. As part of the Helio Energy Solutions senior management team prior to the spin-off of Helio Energy Solutions, TR was COO and responsible for the company’s day to day operations and successful distributed generation and technology services installations. He has a broad background in energy technologies starting his energy career as a Nuclear Operator, and working with a broad range of nuclear, fossil and co-gen energy production facilities and utilities. TR is the Responsible Managing Engineer for our C10 Electrical License.

He has a long career in the energy industry holding project engineering positions with the nation’s top architectural engineering firms; Bechtel, Flour-Daniel, Northrop-Grumman and Kaiser Engineers. As a member of the Project Leadership Team, he has supported the design, building and maintenance of some of the largest nuclear, fossil, co-gen and solar programs in the country.

After moving to California, TR worked in Silicon Valley as a business analyst for Chordiant, Systemhouse and EDS, responsible for a broad range of software functionality, requirements and application delivery to Fortune 500 firms. As a professional service executive TR used his process controls engineering and management skills to deploy iLOG and FICO-Blaze Software optimization, visualization and rules products solutions. Currently he is the Product Manager of the company’s PredictEnergyTM software product suite, which provides predictive energy analytics and decision analytics to HES clients.
TR served as a Nuclear Operator in the United States Navy Submarine Service engaged in deterrent and special ops patrols. He completed his education in the U.S. Navy PACE Program through the University of Michigan Program in Engineering Technology. TR is also an accomplished civilian pilot.

Michael Murray, Program Director

Mike Murray

Mike Murray

An engineer’s attention to detail and the financial acumen of an experienced financial services advisor: These are skills Michael Murray brings to bear for Helio Energy Solutions clients as he engineers energy efficiency and sustainable energy technologies to benefit their financial statements.

With nearly 15 years as a financial advisor and a decade as an engineer, Michael’s skills and qualifications fit perfectly into the disciplines required to provide superior service to Helio Energy Solutions clients.

Prior to joining the Helio Energy Solutions team, he was a Regional Vice President for Primerica Financial Services, a comprehensive investment and insurance marketing firm, where he developed and managed multiple financial services offices. At Primerica he was recognized as the rookie Regional Vice President of the year at the annual company convention in December, 1997 and excelled at developing ground-up office locations throughout the Los Angeles and San Diego, CA areas.

Michael’s engineering and management experience was honed at Lockheed Aerospace Corporation in the famous Skunk Works division as a Flight Test Engineer and program manager. He was quickly promoted to Senior Flight Test Specialist, where he project managed multiple flight test programs in secrecy on the F-117A aircraft. Later in his career he performed as liaison of advanced electronic Test and Evaluation operations on the U2/TR-1 aircraft between the Air Force and Lockheed-Martin.  Mike is an accomplished commercial pilot and flew corporate support during his years at Lockheed.  He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, CA.  He has a LEED accredited professional certification and is a Certified Energy Manager (CEM).

Michael is an experienced program director with a history of success involving advanced developmental programs and, has been instrumental in the development of Helio Energy Solutions from its inception. His skill set includes of advanced technology applications, business development and organizational management.  Michael’s engineering background has allowed him to push Helio Energy Solutions to the for front as a technological integrator with sustainable energy generation applications including solar pv and fuel cell technology, and cutting edge energy efficiency technologies that play against a comprehensive energy management solution program.  Michael draws heavily on his financial services experience for business development and customer relationship building as well as top-down organizational planning and integration.  Michael is also an accomplished civilian pilot.