PredictEnergy® Analytics Services

These PredictEnergy® Analytics Services support a process that leads to successful energy cost reductions.

  • Best Energy Solution
    Our solutions application process guided by professional energy consultants solves for the best energy cost savings and payback time period based on budget constraints. 
  • Building The Energy Cube
    The Energy Cube creates a knowledge foundation on which all energy analytics are based.
  • Determine Technology Cost & Payback
    Candidate technologies defined in the Energy Performance Profile are evaluated for cost and payback.
  • Develop the Energy Performance Profile
    To achieve expected energy savings within the time and budget constraints of the energy plan, we start with understanding the energy problem.
  • Perform Round Trip Analysis
    Performing a Round Trip evaluation ensures that energy cost reduction goals are met and sustained.
  • Using Energy Analytics
    Acquiring energy usage and demand begins the process of energy analytics and energy management.
  • Implementing Energy Analytics
    The Energy Optimization Process uses the energy cube and energy profile to solve for the best energy program solution.