Best Energy Solution

Best Energy Solution

PredictEnergy™ solves for the best energy solution

This service defines The Best Energy Program Solution.  Our solutions application process uses linear regression analysis and is guided by professional energy consultants to solve for the best energy cost savings and payback time period based on budget constraints. PredictEnergy™ solves for the best energy solution by providing decision support to determine best mix of payback and energy savings against Budget (total project cost) for the facility or, in the case of multiple facilities – the best enterprise solution.

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If the cost of energy is important to your business, then energy analytics helps you to prioritize where and how to improve.

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Determining where to allocate budget dollars for maximum energy cost savings takes far more than simple pocket calculator math.  PredictEnergy™ applies selected technology performance to each facility, calculating the financial impact.

When all selected solution applications cost and payback are evaluated and loaded, PredictEnergy™ optimizes on program solution application and technology against the client goals and constraint criteria. The model results are presented in a color-coded table enabling easy interpretation and re-evaluation of modeled results.  The model distinguishes between facilities and technologies which meet program constraints, and those that do not meet client criteria.

SAM Solution Table for best energy solution

This methodology readily supports a single facility solution, or a “Phased or Integrated Approach” where the enterprise can look ahead to project energy program results with each phase as the budget permits.

Helio Energy Solutions recommends a comprehensive approach to energy management planning which planning and implementing energy analytics.

How Can PredictEnergy™ Help You

PredictEnergy™ makes it easy to analyze your energy cost.  Selecting the "Convert to Cost" button takes your energy and demand and displays them in terms of cost (dollar-denominated) as a function of your tariff rate schedule.