Building the Energy Cube

What is the Energy Cube?

The energy cube is a multi dimensional view of a facility’s energy performance profile. This profile is composed of large amounts of data, which we store and manage using Big Data concepts in multiple data stores and warehouses.

The data acquired is categorized into:

  • Historical data,
  • Utility Pricing data,
  • Environment/Geo data and
  • Baseline/Benchmark data.

Historical data provides a history of grid and self generation energy use, load demand, as compared to unit production. This data is needed to understand energy use, peak demand and consumption trends in relationship to your business processes of making, moving or storing products.

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If the cost of energy is important to your business, then energy analytics helps you to prioritize where and how to improve.

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Energy Cube

How is the Energy Cube used?

The cost of this energy and demand is a product of your utility tariff rate. Since utility pricing changes over time, we need to ensure that your energy cost reduction program compensates for rising energy cost. The facility location, building type, square footage, type of equipment and its legacy, will all impact the baseline calculation and the benchmark performance evaluation.


Who uses the Energy Cube?

The energy cube provides an energy performance view to our clients who are large energy users. They are water districts, factories, and large distribution centers, with massive energy bills. A majority of those facilities tackle the easy stuff such as the building envelope, lighting, HVAC and refrigeration. However, energy remains a major source of expense for their business. And for many of our clients, it’s the second largest expense after labor.

wastewater treatment plants utilize the energy cube to reduce their energy costs.

So, they continue to search for ways to reduce energy cost. But, after the easy stuff, the next layer of possible energy solutions can be very costly. You really need to understand the facility energy performance profile with the ability to drill through the energy cube to get the economic feasibility right and determine the best energy solution.

How can PredictEnergy® Analytics help you?

PredictEnergy® makes it easy to analyze your energy cost.  Selecting the "Convert to Cost" button takes your energy and demand and displays them in terms of cost (dollar-denominated) as a function of your tariff rate schedule.