Develop the Energy Performance Profile

Energy Performance Profile

This service addresses Understanding the Energy Cost Problem. Helio Energy Solutions (HES) has years of experience successfully helping large and small organizations define and optimize their energy programs to achieve expected energy savings within the time and budget constraints of their plan.

In every case we start with understanding the problem. This process creates a knowledge foundation or Energy Cube on which all energy analytics are based.

To solve the energy problem, we must first understand the facility’s energy performance.

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If the cost of energy is important to your business, then energy analytics helps you to prioritize where and how to improve.

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Energy Cube

Each facility has its own “Energy Profile”. That profile is constructed and can be illustrated based on five energy cost influencing factors, as presented in the above graphic:

  • Equipment types, efficiencies and vintage,
  • Energy and time of use,
  • Processes and services performed that influence energy use per unit production,
  • Utility tariff rate schedule, and
  • Load demand, and demand characteristics.

PredictEnergy™ then uses multiple data stores and models to construct a multidimensional view (Energy Cube) of key decision factors that include; historical energy use, utility energy cost, time of use, unit production, and demand characteristics. PredictEnergy™ analyzes the Energy Data against specific key influencing factors to evaluate the facility’s energy performance. The modeling results in an Energy Performance Profile; consisting of an evaluation of the five (5) key influencing factors, with a data analysis output of the performance profile ranking the energy cost influencing factors and candidate solution cases and technologies. The ranking is summarized and provided as a profile model for use in evaluating the candidate solutions for cost and payback.

How Can PredictEnergy™ Help You

PredictEnergy™ makes it easy to analyze your energy cost.  Selecting the "Convert to Cost" button takes your energy and demand and displays them in terms of cost (dollar-denominated) as a function of your tariff rate schedule.