Implementing Energy Analytics

Implementing Energy Analytics

The Energy Optimization Process is the energy, profile data, and context input to solve for the best solution to implementing energy analytics.  It prepares the energy profile, energy use and utility cost information in the form of the energy cube to support the enterprise energy plan and solution driven by facility improvement measures (FIMs) cost and payback based on an enterprise budget.  To accomplish this, unique facility factors must be analyzed against solution cases across various technologies.  These analyses are conducted with the objective of optimum enterprise energy cost savings within payback requirements and, staged in concert with the enterprise business plan budget.  To successfully model the outcome using this many variables requires sophisticated computations, exceptional engineering and advanced data analysis and data management techniques…we call it solution application modeling.

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Finding and Qualifying the Best Solutions

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Our solutions application process uses linear regression analysis and is guided by professional energy consultants to solve for the best energy cost savings and payback time period based on budget.   PredictEnergy™ evaluates energy solution cases associated with specific technologies to create the facility’s energy performance profile and, provides solution payback and implementation cost associated with the candidate facility improvement measure (FIM).  PredictEnergy™ then solves for the best integrated energy program solution providing decision support to determine best mix of payback and energy savings against Budget (total project cost) for the facility or, in the case of multiple facilities – the best enterprise solution.

Analyzing enterprise level solutions involves a much higher degree of complexity than single facility analysis.  New variables must be evaluated and include; tariff structures, incentive programs, geographies, physical structure, operations hours, process control flexibility, equipment legacy, future plans, etc.  Determining where to allocate enterprise dollars for maximum energy cost savings takes far more than simple pocket calculator math.  PredictEnergy™ applies selected technology performance to each facility, calculating the financial impact at the enterprise level.  When all selected solution applications cost and payback are evaluated and loaded, PredictEnergy™ optimizes on program solution application and technology model against the enterprise goals and constraint criteria.

PredictEnergy™ Analytics

PredictEnergy™ uses multiple data bases and models to construct a multidimensional view of the three key decision factors of today’s energy programs; Budget, Energy cost savings and Payback.  The model results are presented in a color-coded table enabling easy interpretation and re-evaluation of modeled results.  The model distinguishes between facilities and technologies which meet program constraints, and those that do not meet client criteria.  This methodology readily supports a “Phased or Integrated Approach” where the enterprise can look ahead to project energy program results with each phase as the budget permits.

For Example…If the enterprise goal is a 2 year payback and the allocated budget is $250K; PredictEnergy™ will compute energy cost savings for the payback period and budget criteria.  Subsequently, the model then calculates the resulting energy program overall payback (2 years), budget (program cost) and energy cost savings.  This interactive modeling allows users the ability to adjust payback, program costs or energy savings criteria, effectively fine tuning the program plan and providing quantitative and qualitative feedback on best course of action.

PredictEnergy™ makes it easy to analyze your energy cost.  Selecting the "Convert to Cost" button takes your energy and demand and displays them in terms of cost (dollar-denominated) as a function of your tariff rate schedule.