Recommended Energy Devices

Although solar panels have great return on investment over the long run, there are other simple ways to reduce your energy costs. One smart approach is to improve energy efficiency before generating more electricity for inefficient appliances. Our smart home gadgets and recommended energy devices are here to help you measure or make better use of the energy in your home. However, there are also all kinds of gadgets and energy-saving devices for your homes that can help you reduce the amount of energy you use. An energy-saving device could be anything that saves you energy in your home. From an energy efficient fluorescent light or LED house light to a smart thermostat. If you want to enjoy technology, without continuing to pay top dollar just to use it, consider these energy-saving technologies and eco-friendly devices instead.

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  • HelioPower provides ecobee smart thermostat installation services.

    Ecobee Smart Thermostat Installation


    HelioPower now provides Ecobee Smart Thermostat installation services for homes and businesses. With a room sensor and built-in Amazon Alexa Voice Service, this smart thermostat is the smart wi-fi thermostat that can listen to your voice commands and respond. Pricing includes: smart thermostat and installation service.

  • HelioPower provides Sense energy monitor installation services

    HelioPower Sense Energy Monitor Installation


    HelioPower provides Sense Energy Monitor installation services for homes and businesses. Sense is a simple box installed in an electric panel that provides real-time remote monitoring of home energy use and solar production through an intuitive smartphone app. It can also help homeowners understand their energy use by showing them what devices are on and how much power each one is using. Pricing includes: monitoring device and installation.

  • HelioPower provides whole house fan installation services throughout California

    HelioPower Whole House Fan Installation

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    Quiet Cool Whole House Fans are the most versatile ventilating system on the market today! Every system comes with very detailed, full color, written instructions that walk you step-by-step through the installation process. Now, HelioPower provides whole house fan installation services all over California! Please contact us to for product and installation pricing.

  • HelioPower provides Kohler backup generator installation services to their customers

    Kohler Backup Generator Installation

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    HelioPower provides Kohler backup generator installation services for homeowners. The generator made for renewable energy, including solar power or other remote applications. The home backup generator efficiently charges battery banks when renewable energy sources can’t keep up with demand. If your battery charge drops below a pre-set level, the generator charges it automatically. Please call us for pricing.