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Electrical supplies – wiring, cabinets, switchgear, combiner boxes, etc.

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  • Cooper B-Line Current Transformer Meter

    Cooper B-Line Combo Meter and Current Transformer Cabinet


    Transformer metering is used by virtually all utilities where customer power exceeds requirements. This model is a Cooper B-Line Current Transformer Meter that was never installed and stored in the warehouse. This order must be shipped by Freight. We will call you with a freight quote for approval before charging & shipping your order.

  • Like new SolarBOS disconnecting combiner provided by Helio Energy Solutions

    Disconnecting Combiner


    These special order, SolarBOS disconnecting combiners incorporate an integrated load-break switch into the combiner box. This allows system integrators to greatly simplify the installation of a PV system. These units allow up to 12 strings to be combined into a single circuit with disconnecting capabilities.