Kammerer Residence

Project Information

System Type: Roof Top
Panel Type: ET Solar 235s
Panel Count: 28
Inverter Type: Enphase 190s
System Size: 5.94 kW

Location Information

City: Pleasant Hill
State: California

Ecological Impact

The Kammerer Family's solar power system will produce enough clean electricity to offset any one of the following over the 25 year life of the system:

The carbon sequestered by
seedlings grown for 10 years.
The CO2 emissions from
gallons of gasoline consumed
The CO2 emissions from
bottles of BBQ propane burned.

Case Study

The Problem
Bill was spending an average of $460.00 per month with PG&E.      Tired of expensive electricity bills, Bill contacted Helio Energy Solutions to learn about solar. After reviewing all of the available options Bill elected to install a 6.58 kW solar system from Helio Energy Solutions. There were central inverter systems suggested by other companies, but because there were shading issues we suggested using micro inverters, which we found would produce more energy. Now, he is expected to save an average of $3,000.00 annually over the next 20 years.

The Solution
Together, Bill and Helio Energy Solutions decided on installing 28 ET Solar 235 Watt polycrystalline panels South-facing because southern exposure produces the most energy. The system as designed, offsets over 76% of Bill’s expected annual electric bill by generating over 7,000 kilowatt hours per year. Bill financed his system using SunRun financing which allowed him to go solar for $0 down and saves him over $220 per month instantly! We engineered the system to work with Bill’s roof so that the panels were placed in the least noticeable spot and also tilting the panels to produce maximum power.

Bill is estimated to save over $100,000 in the next 20 years. Bill chose SunRun because they “Take the Risk Out of Going Solar” by offering a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) that includes monitoring, insurance, maintenance, and even repairs, all for $0 down. This means that if Bill wish to run the air conditioner on a hot day, he can do so without worrying about breaking the bank while enjoying clean renewable energy generated by the sun. To Boot, Bill is also enjoying a modest increase in the value of his home.