Sunnyland Mills

Project Information

System Type: Ground Mount
Panel Type: Mitsubishi 175
Panel Count: 595
Inverter Type: 3 – PVP 30
System Size: 87.30 kW

Location Information

City: Fresno
State: California

Ecological Impact

Sunnyland Mills's solar power system will produce enough clean electricity to offset any one of the following over the 25 year life of the system:

The carbon sequestered by
seedlings grown for 10 years.
The CO2 emissions from
gallons of gasoline consumed
The CO2 emissions from
bottles of BBQ propane burned.

Ground Mounted: Fixed Tilt

Over 500 Mitsubishi panels were installed in 5 days. Sunnyland Mills is the first company in the U.S. to utilize solar power to make bulgur.

According to Mike Orlando, Chairman of the Board, “Sunnyland started in 1935 using the sun to dry wheat for bulgur. We are going back to our roots by utilizing the energy of the sun to produce our products.” HelioPower is the consultant and contractor for the project.

Exceeding Expectations

Since the Sunnyland system was commissioned in 2007, it has produced 102% of expected energy.

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