Tahoe Regional Planning Agency

Project Information

System Type: Roof Top
Panel Type: Mitsubishi solar
Panel Count: 192
Inverter Type:
System Size: 30 kW

Location Information

City: Tahoe
State: Nevada

Ecological Impact

Tahoe Regional's solar power system will produce enough clean electricity to offset any one of the following over the 25 year life of the system:

The carbon sequestered by
seedlings grown for 10 years.
The CO2 emissions from
gallons of gasoline consumed
The CO2 emissions from
bottles of BBQ propane burned.

HelioPower completed a 30 kW ac solar photovoltaic (PV) system for the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency (TRPA) headquarters. The PV system utilitized 192 Mitsubishi solar modules for a roof top installation.

HelioPower launched operations in Nevada in 2008 to meet the growing demand for renewable energy solutions and to combat the rising price of electricity.  The TRPA was HelioPower’s first project in Nevada under the Solar Generations renewable energy rebate program.

The Tahoe Regional Planning Agency is reducing their electricity costs and contributing to a cleaner environment by reducing their carbon footprint with Solar, a clean renewable energy source that is abundant in the Lake Tahoe basin.

The project was coordinated by Golden Sierra Power.