Helio Residential Energy Solutions

Residential Solar

Reduce or eliminate your electric bill with residential solar.  Generate your own power and stop paying the utility company.

Energy Autonomy

Have power in a blackout. Get totally disconnected from the utility. Complete energy self sufficiency.

Solar Pool Heating

Extend your Summer! Solar heating systems are the affordable way to enjoy more time in your pool.

Tired of Spending Too Much On Your Energy Bill?

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Residential Solar – Your Way

A residential solar installation is one of the only ways to realistically and significantly reduce or eliminate your electric bill

Corona Solar Power and residential solar from heliopower

It starts with the right team

  • You’re in good company with the Helio Energy Solutions Residential Solar Team. 
  • We have solar engineering and installation experience since 2001.
  • Over thousands of  happy residential solar customers all over the West Coast.
  • Our commercial clients include trusted household names like: Safeway, Porsche, Sony, Ronald McDonald House, SDG&E, etc.
  • Licensed, insured, & bonded.

Solar Is Simple With Helio Energy Solutions

  • We custom design a system for you: your home, your design preferences, and your energy bill.
  • We connect you to the utility grid, turn on the system, and you start generating your own clean energy!
  • Any excess electricity your system makes is sold back to the utility, and you get the credit on your bill.
  • We also have proprietary solar asset management software platform if you'd like to monitor your demand as well as your generation.

Energy Efficiency Upgrades

Going solar only addresses half of your energy problem: Energy Generation. We all like saving money on our monthly living expenses, so you may need to consider your energy consumption and lifestyle. The aspects of energy usage can have a major impact on the size and cost of a solar system. However, becoming energy efficient is a great way to reduce those costs, lower consumption, and reduce your carbon footprint. Learn More

a nest thermostat can be coupled with residential solar panels
other than residential solar, Helio Energy Solutions offers the the nest thermostat
sense energy monitoring can be used with residential solar to lower your utility costs

Solar Shop

Have you checked out our solar shop? Helio Energy Solutions provides the convenience to shop solar service, solar maintenance plans and surplus solar equipment online! Take a look at our current offers today!

Battery Backup • Off Grid Power Systems

Never Be Without Power

You are producing your own power with you solar system. Shouldn’t you get to keep using that power if the grid goes down? A battery backup let’s you keep the lights on.

Learn More

Take Your Home Or Building Off The Grid

Have the ultimate in peace of mind and independence. Enjoy total energy self-sufficiency and control. Get your complete off-grid power system from Helio Energy Solutions today.

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Get a custom energy plan that considers energy efficiency upgrades (that won’t change your lifestyle!) along with solar. Our Energy Experts will help guide you to the perfect plan for your home.

Don't Pay For Solar

Talk to our Energy Experts about our proprietary system for getting the utility company to pay for your Solar System.