Energy Efficiency

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We all like saving money on our monthly living expenses. Energy efficiency (or becoming energy efficient) is a great way to reduce those costs, lower consumption, and reduce your carbon footprint. Every year, much of the energy the U.S. consumes is wasted through transmission, heat loss and inefficient technology. It's one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to combat climate change, clean the air we breathe, improve the competitiveness of our businesses and reduce energy costs for consumers.

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How you can be energy efficient

Many homeowners turn to Solar PV installations to fulfill the goal of energy cost reduction. Although Solar PV can help you generate your own clean energy and secure your predictable electricity costs, other energy-saving products to implement a whole-house strategy can provide you significant benefits by further reducing your energy cost by reducing your energy consumption.

energy efficiency for home and businesses

8 Energy Efficient Tips

If you’re considering solar for your home or you want to start reducing your energy bills without dramatically changing your lifestyle, you might consider these ideas the low hanging fruit as they can be accomplished for the least amount of out of pocket cost while providing the biggest bang for those bucks.

1. Smart Thermostats

A smart thermostat is one efficient way to save you money on power, keeping your home comfortable and has the ability to cater to your preferences. ecobee is a Smart Wi-Fi Thermostat that uses room sensors to detect temperature and occupancy to eliminate hot and cold spots and deliver comfort to the rooms that matter most, which makes it more than just a smart thermostat.

2. Better Utilize Natural Sunlight

By controlling the sunlight streaming through your windows, you can better control the temperature of your home. For example, by selecting window treatments with reflective solar backing, it will reduce heat gain during the hottest hours and days of the summer. Additionally, the right window treatments can help insulate your windows in the winter by keeping precious heat from escaping.

3. Swap Out Your Old Appliances

Switching to highly efficient Energy Star appliances, fans, and other electronics can save nearly $900 over their lifetimes. Additionally, your local utility may offer rebates, incentives, free pickup, and recycling of old appliances. Check for local programs before upgrading to ensure you’re maximizing your savings.

4. LED Light Bulbs

Replacing incandescent light bulbs with CFL or LED bulbs will save you up to $50 per year and more the $600 over the lifetime of the bulbs. LED light bulbs are arguably the easiest change you can make and can save you up to 75% of your energy usage and many electric companies or municipalities will offer rebates or credits for switching to LED lights.

5. Turn off your power strip

Many people don’t realize that up to 10% of their electricity usage is the result of 'phantom loads'. Even if your electronics are turned off, they are still consuming energy. These “energy vampires” keep a little bit of electricity going so they can respond more quickly to things like being turned back on. By turning off the power strip, you are effectively cutting off all electricity to your electronics so they don’t use energy without your knowledge.

6. Reduce the use of Heat and Water

Lowering the temperature setting of your water heater and installing low flow shower heads and aerated faucets, you can not only reduce your water heating load, but you can also lower your water bill. With this upgrade energy efficiency and water conservation go hand in hand.

7. Insulate Properly

Without proper insulation, the money you spend heating and cooling your home could escape through windows, doors, or the roof. This can result in your HVAC unit working harder to keep your home comfortable. Adding a new layer of insulation is one of the most cost-effective ways to make your home more energy efficient. The best part is that you can do this easy hack yourself! Before laying any new insulation, be sure to plug up any large openings and seal off small cracks.

8. Whole House Fans

Whole house fans offered by Helio Energy Solutions are the quietest and most efficient whole house fan systems available. They reduce utility bills, increase energy savings, provide better health and increased comfort, and produce cleaner and more pristine air. With an outstanding 98% customer satisfaction rate, whole house fans offer homeowners the best way to save money through less A/C usage and better comfort.

Energy monitoring can also help you shed some light on your electric bill. And with these energy upgrades, you can reduce your consumption to achieve a maximum offset of 100%. The cost to make the minor changes and upgrades was far less than what the additional 3kw of PV solar would have cost. If you feel that any of these  to your whole house energy solution plan, please contact us today!