Home Solar Power

Home Solar Power for Homeowners

There are many reasons why homeowners go solar: it's good for the environment, affordable and cuts energy costs. Whether your motivations for going solar are economic, environmental, or personal, this sizable list of home solar power benefits will have something for everyone. With home solar power you can secure predictable electricity costs for years to come.

Personal Financial Impact

Every energy situation is different and at HelioPower our simple process helps you generate your own clean, affordable energy with a minimum of hassle. What will a home solar power system designed to offset a $250/month electric bill save over it's lifetime?

Dollars Saved
Kilowatt Hours Produced

Tired of Spending Too Much On Your Energy Bill?

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Solar Is Simple With HelioPower


We custom design a system that optimizes performance for your roof.


We connect you to the utility grid, turn on the system, and you start generating your own clean energy!


Any excess electricity your system makes is sold back to the utility, and you get the credit on your bill.

Environmental Impact of Your Home Solar Power System

Over its lifetime, your home solar power system will avoid 162 tons of air pollution. That's equivalent of:

Cars Taken Off The Road
Trees Planted
Gallon Of Gasoline Saved

Everyone Can Afford Home Solar

Think of buying home solar like buying a car. You can buy and own the panels or simply pay for the power the home solar power system produces.

Buy The Panels

When you buy the panels outright you get all the benefits of ownership. It's easy to transfer the panels to a new home owner if you sell the home. If you financed the purchase, the electricity is essentially free after the loan is paid off.

Buy The Electricity

When leasing the panels you don't own them, you just buy the electricity they produce at locked in rate for 20 years. The leasing company will take care of any maintenance and support issues the life of the system.

Go Solar with Confidence

At HelioPower, we take pride on being the highest quality and most knowledgeable provider of integrated energy solutions for homes and businesses. With more than 6,000 home solar power systems installed on roof-tops, we've proven that we deliver. If you are seeking to learn more about our whole house solutions, please contact us today!